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Artist: Kuroisoul & Kinetik
Album:  Hip Hop Is Forever
Song:   What I See
Typed by: @IAmKinetik

I can see a single mother walking up a hill with shopping bags
Struggling as if her legs are gonna give out
But still she has to make it up the hill and make it home
Cause if she don't there'll be no food in her kid's mouth
I see a father crying over his first born
Not cause he was born but because he met an early death
Brutally murdered and no he wasn't perfect
But he was Black so the police say he deserved it
I see a little girl looking like a princess
And everywhere she goes she's the object of interest
Beautiful but hidden deep beneath is sadness
She thinks her skin is too dark and makes her unattractive
I see a little boy staring out his window
Wishing for the depiction of the man that he should call his Daddy
And sadly some'll fill the role but his joy ends
Every time Mummy goes and gets another boyfriend
I see a soldier coming home from war
Happy to be alive cause life he thought it would end
In a year he was homeless with no job
Feeling abandoned by the country that he fought to defend
Then I see a nurse getting ready for work
But on this particular morning she was mourning
Cause her religion is important
So she's torn from not wanting to perform an abortion
I see a footballer training in the gym
After being on the bench for a year
But in his first game back he felt a snap in his femur
So now he's thinking it means the end of his career
I see an executive sat up in her office
After losing her profits and everything she wished for
Stressed depressed cause life was a mess
Then she jumped from the 25th floor
And that's what I see