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Artist: Kuroisoul & Kinetik f/ Tone Richardson
Album:  Hip Hop Is Forever
Song:   People Don't Understand
Typed by: @IAmKinetik

[Verse 1: Kinetik]
It's funny how the truest love can always breach the heart
I'm pining for you and we've only spent a week apart
I'm staring at your photos like they were a piece of art
Getting emotional but nah I need to keep it smart
Missing the simple things like going for coffee or dinner
And feeling proud because I know that I got me a winner
And sometimes I drop the ball like a sloppy beginner
Then you're in the baddest mood but I love your attitude
And every morning when I wake up I'm reading your texts
From the night before but it's more than me fiending for sex
And even in a different time zone
Whether you're on Skype or Facetime you leave me with my mind blown
I love your dress sense and I'm always left impressed
I stare even when you wear some leggings and a vest
And when I look at you it's quite surreal
You're way above the rest and that's even when they're wearing high heels
My harshest critic and my biggest fan
It's never been hard to admit it but you've made me a different man
Teaching me new things as well as expanding my thoughts
You put some colour in my life just like the Vans I bought
So when I'm sitting next to you at Sunday service
Or on the bench at Queen's Park where we had our first kiss
That's when I'm certain it's for real and I'm most content
Loving with hope again and now you're like my closest friend

[Scratched/Sung Chorus: Tone Richardson]
There ain't nothing in this world that can take your place
Love, love
People don't understand, they can't understand
How I feel about you
That's when my heart stops
One love
People don't understand, they can't understand
How I feel about you

[Verse 2: Kuroisoul]
Me and you, night and day, one and the same
We became each other's favorite I swear the love was sacred
I'm amazed with the way we clicked so very quick
You can tell we were joined at the very hip
So many were quick to make their remarks
About the fact that I'm a Black and you're an Asian
At times it was blatant, at times it was hidden
We knew that they were talking but we could never listen
They say I put you on a pedestal
Some of your friends said that my intentions were only sexual
A few of my friends did it discreet
They figured Asian women are timid and weak
When your Mom figured out we decided to stay together
She cut off your bills didn't care whatsoever
But you stuck with me for over two years
Stood up to your parents stood up to your peers
And then they forced you to move to Hong Kong
A love story gone wrong cause now you long gone
Even though it's not easy maybe we can get past this
Sitting in my car where we shared our last kiss
That's when I knew it was for real and I'm most content
Missing you with hope again cause you're like my closest friend
Cause you're like my closest friend
I told you I'd make you a song

[Scratched/Sung Chorus]