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Artist: Kuroisoul & Kinetik f/ Tone Richardson
Album:  Hip Hop Is Forever
Song:   London Mornings
Typed by: @IAmKinetik

[Verse 1: Kinetik]

See every time I open my eyes, usually it's gloomy weather
Today there's no clouds and the sky is blue as ever
I'm looking out the window, the scene is green and gritty
A little wind is blowing but I'm in love with the city
I get the evil eyes when I realise that it's time to rise
But this morning I feel revitalised
Cause for the past week, I've been grinding the axe
But now it's Saturday so I can recline and relax
And now I'm tuning in to Smackdown
I got some instrumentals bumping in the background
Pick out a couple of beats that I can vibe to
The early morning boom bap puts me in the right mood
And then I have a shower and then I'm getting dressed
Fresh creps match the shirt and my jeans are freshly pressed
The next step is a cappuccino from Starbucks
I grab my phone and iPod, they're both already charged up

[Chorus: Tone Richardson]

I woke up feeling so good
Feeling so good
Nice to know that my bills are paid
And I still got the rest of the day
Said it feels fine, so good
Feeling so good
Walking down the street smiling
All my troubles are gone away
And it feels so good

[Verse 2: Kinetik]

So it's another Sunday so peaceful and tranquil
As if the world itself is at a stand still
I grab my pad and pen because I got to write some more
But my head is banging like the music from the night before
I let the track play and after 30 minutes
I had my raps straight, the hook and verse were finished
Then I recited them to make sure the flow was tight
It's like I had them rhymes stored in my brain overnight
I'm feeling kinda lazy
I'm back at work tomorrow but no it doesn't phase me
I'm lounging in my boxers and listening to Gospel
With the smell of my breakfast tickling my nostrils
I got the ackee and the salt fish
And no I never have a small dish
That's how I got a spring in my steps 
And now my appetite is satisfied and everything is bless