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Artist: Kuroisoul & Kinetik
Album:  Hip Hop Is Forever
Song:   Boom Bap Babies
Typed by: @IAmKinetik


Shout out to all the boom bap babies worldwide
This is time machine music
We're gonna take you back to a time when Hip Hop was great
When the laces were fat and when the boom box was king

[Scratched Chorus]

Let's take it back
Back in the days
Let's take it back
Way, way back
Let's take it back
Boom bap, original rap
Let's take it back
This is true Hip Hop in the purest form

[Verse 1]

I reminisce on when I heard Kris Kross in 9-2
No, I couldn't switch off they made me wanna rhyme too
Jotting my lines down thinking I'd get shine too
But I was getting laughed at like nobody'll sign you
Then rappers started getting thuggish for rep
Me I was doing nothing except just dubbing cassettes
And my T.D.K.'s were always coming correct
Every one of my mates had tapes to bump in the deck
And knock for weeks, whether they were swaps or keeps
When they pressed play they wouldn't even stop to speak
And I was copping every copy of The Source
The 5 mics and quotables we had to discuss
In between the freestyles at the back of the bus
When a rap track was stacked with scratches and cuts
When our rewind buttons wasn't gathering dust
Cause from the music to the fashion we would do it with a passion
It was Hip Hop

[Scratched Chorus]

[Verse 2]

We've come a long way from Sedgwick and Cedar
The boom and the bap made me a head and a believer
Different place in time, London U.K. 
But true say I was living with a New York state of mind
Even the youngsters wanted to get mad props
That's why we started rocking baggy jeans and flat tops
Chatting in slang and fresh was our favourite one
We spoke it like a native tongue but we were young
And still we learned about the struggles of grown ups
After we started rolling with a couple of bone thugs
Going for car rides without a sense of direction
But we'd always end up on the far side
Playing dominoes and listening to ghetto jams
Sipping on ice tea mixed with the gin and juice
Innocent youth who didn't know the business
We were good kids but we had a soul for mischief
It was Hip Hop

[Scratched Chorus]