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Artist: Kryme Life f/ Tommy Whispers, Triple O.G.
Album:  The Kryme Wave
Song:   Never Tell
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Kryme Life]
Seem like niggas out here can't keep they muthafucking mouths shut, you dig?
Niggas out there drop a dime on niggas
I got too many niggas doing time, man
Getting niggas labs ran up in and shit
Niggas got babies, trying to feed they kids
Can't move, can't walk the streets at night, man

[Chorus 2X: sample]
You, can't, tell, me, that
I will never tell!

[Kryme Life]
Niggas be more careful on the road you walking
Cuz niggas be talking, just to be talking that
Gangsta shit, but when it go down
They coughing up information, names and shit
Where you live, where you hang out, the slang and shit
Your product, set you up with a sting by the narcotics
The worst thing you could ever do to a man
Then heard more than if you argue for a couple of grand
Say you starving, nigga, eat yours, straight up and down
Niggas violating street laws, you can't be around
You type of niggas make it bad for B.I.
I'm addicted all day I wanna smoke a C.I.
And I ain't talking bout a bogey, talking bout a faggot muthafucka
That be running with the police, die slow
Six niggas knocked out, five Co-D's
And I always thought you would ride for your homey
If you ain't down with this, don't dare run your lips
Cuz it might get you in a whole lotta shit
And if you snitch, god forbid you do
Cuz my whole crew, got the third on you

[Interlude: Tommy Whispers]
Yeah, you better stop with that snitching, man
Tomahawk, '07, Kryme Life, yeah, blue-zi-blue

[Tommy Whispers]
Word disposed, I'd rather be locked up with all the goons
Cuz nowadays niggas be snitching, heavy in that little room
Looking at pictures, steady pointing they fingers
Yeah that's Kryme and Trife Life in the lobby with Tommy Whispers
But we ain't pumping nothing we collecting money from pictures
We the bosses, wherever I'm at, is my office
Open twenty four seven, never exhausted
I get car sick, you rippers getting me nautious
You need to upgrade, cop a six and split
Rock a baseball fit', with some hard denim jeans
And my favorite kicks, most important, I gotta sport that big four fifth
Cuz niggas think something gon' change
When the kid get rich, sorry, I'm always gonna be Tom Whisp
That same ol' G, from the same old strip
With alotta more chips, bitch, just don't snitch, snitch

[Triple O.G.]
Big dome, this go out to all you telling muthafuckas
That's why I'm locked down now, check it, this how we do it
All you telling niggas catch you in your jail cell
Hot water and baby oil, instant pink
By time jake make his rounds, you in your cell, stink
Word of mouth, after lockdown, I'm taking your clout
From the ear to the mouth, letting niggas know what you all about
You riff raff telling ass niggas, lost again
Got a nigga lockdown, me cover all types of claims
I'm the one that's gon' take down your name
Step to you, dust you off, get your popularity game up
You telling ass niggas, I done had enough
All you riff raff cats, wanna get back
But in this game, that telling shit, you gon' lose your fame
Recognize my name, you snitches get stitches, beat the fuck up
Left somewhere laying, that telling shit
Ain't a part of the game...