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Artist: Kryme Life
Album:  The Kryme Wave
Song:   Breathe
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Kryme Life]
Uh, yeah, it's Kryme...

[Kryme Life]
Wake up in the morning, stretch yawn, open my eyes up to the sun
Thank the Lord, I've been blessed to see another one
Kiss my little girl, woke her up to get breakfast
The youngest out the bunch, baby girl, so precious
She the reason that I breathe, that I got to succeed
The reason I get off my ass and get that cheese
October 30th, 2003
That's the day the lord shed his light on me
Baby momma tired, all alone and she pregnant
Daddy's stressed out and locked up in corrections
Asking the lord, could he send me down a blessing
He did, I was blinded by lies and deception
Most of all I retired, I learned my lessons
Learned how to think, move right, my brain is a weapon
See, I was once naive, but now I see
All the things I didn't before, in this world, I think I need to breathe

[Interlude: Kryme Life]
Hold up, hold up...
It's good for the cardio
The brain flowing, blood flowing
Go in on 'em
That's right
Yeah... check it

[Kryme Life]
Sometimes I sit back relax and fall deep in the zone
Block out what's around me until I'm alone
No communication, stay away from the phone
Dead all the negative vibes that be coming from home
And just picture me dolo, no extra baggage
I walk the road that my destiny chose, I got to have it
I want it, it's in my reach, then I'm gon' grab it
Bulldog like Ed O.G., I gots to have it
Hit my team, they tour, nice with the passes like Magic
The problems in the past, they disappear like magic
Kryme ain't your average and niggas ain't ready
For the pain, my pen game is extraordinary
The project I stem from is so legendary
Stapleton Houses where the foulest is heavy
Ya'll niggas know the squad I rep, T.M.F.
Is still real, niggas left, you slept, don't hold your breath
Nigga breathe

[Interlude: Kryme Life]
In... out... in...
Went through his arms, out
In, came out of here, out

[Kryme Life]
Believe me, I'm ready, I'm throwing on the pressure
Been down all my life, been doing this forever
Just, give me a mic and hypen up my levels
And watch the kid shine like the icing on the bezel, cuz
Most of my life I've been fighting with the devil
So now when I roll I grip tighter on the metal
The way I paint a picture, I'm a prophet in the ghetto
Corners to give you more better blues, don't wait til you a goner
When you see that road, better choose
Cuz niggas'll creep up on you, with that chrome if you snooze
Then you gon' get left, peep jewels, I'm a threat
Live on set, T.M.F., bringing bad news

[Outro: Kryme Life]
Newsflash, cuz niggas can't breathe, we on 'em
Look around you man, tell me what you see, nigga
Knowhatimsaying, this year, I'm letting niggas speak for theyself
We grinding, that's right, all these fake ass niggas, man
Time's up, hoe