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Artist: Kris Kross
Album:  Sprite Ad (1993)
Song:   Tick Tock You Don't Stop
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Ah, tick tock, ya don't stop
You put a can in your hand and just pop the top

Aiyyo Chris (whassup love) what's that in your hand?
It's a S to the P-R-I-T-E can
Understand the Kross Kris drinks the crazy crazy twist
of unexpectedness that you should never miss
So what's yo' name? (Daddy, M-A-C)
And what you drink? (S-P, R-I-T-E) why?
(Cause it's a life saver when you need thirst quenchin)
(Like a kiss with a Lymon twist, now you know that's kickin)
Word! So drink up, drink up is what you gotta do (why?)
Cause I like the Sprite in you