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Artist: Krayzie Bone 
Album:  Oz soundtrack
Song:   Shackled Up 
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As I wake up in the mornin, I jump up out a my bed 
Freedom is on my mind as I place this six by nine cell 
Nigga ain't seen daylight, they got me caged like, I'm runnin wild 
Just for tryna' feed myself, since they act like we ain't even here 
So I say, I've done no wrong, I wanna go home now 
Ain't tryna listen to that 
The niggas I used to call, they ain't pickin up the phone now 
Niggas know I'm trippin for that 
I miss my mama, brotha, sistas, man, I'm feelin so alone now 
Wish that I could go back 
I guess I'm payin the dues of a real true soldier 

It's so hard on the street so I packs my heat 
That's the life of a thug, any beef I keep 
I'm suited up to kill, all my enemies 
If you don't shoot I will, you ain't no friend of me 
Now that I'm livin in a cell, the tables are turned 
I never knew I had such a lesson to learn 
I'm shackled up from my hands to my shoes 
I'm so caught up I don't know what to do 

I got a letter in the mail from my girl, she let me know 
That I'm too thuggish for her world, so she need to let me go 
Plus her mama playa hatin sayin datin me is dangerous 
She don't think she should hang with thugs 
She probably better off though 
Run in back and tell the broad she can go, give my mama all my clothes 
The keys to my low-low to my brother 
Bitch, if niggas tell me you in my shit you will be fucked up 
This shit ain't right 
Lawyer say that ?? we got that bitch tonight 
He say she down to ride, with young niggas like me 
Two strikes and I violated my probation 
Plus they say they get me if they ever saw my face again 
So I, be spendin more time, as a Thug on the Line 
Did the crime so I'm doin the time 


Tomorrow mornin, I'm scheduled for the court room 
Voices in my head sayin, "Nigga, what you gon' do?" 
No soon, I be ridin that big blue bus 
Chained up with the killas and the thugs 
Tossed all night in my bunk, waitin for the judge to send me up 
I knew just what it was when I got cuffed 
That that would be the last time I would see the sun 
First I picture myself in jail, that vision wack 
Then I picture myself rollin my Cadillac 
Bounce, bounce, side to side, hittin switches 
Pullin off on them bitches, just tryna' get it 
But then I flash back 'cause my cell door slam 
Now I got to go see the man, damn 
Now we bailin down the hallway 
Niggas yellin, "keep it real," nigga always, always