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Artist: Kottonmouth Kings
Album:  No. 7
Song:   People Come, People Go
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[D-Loc phone]
hey yo James, you know that letter you wrote me
don't mean shit Bitch

laaa la la la
la la la
You shouldn't have been so selfish dog
And it goes
Ha haha ha ha
Jokes on ya'll
It's mother fucking Richter holdin another castin call
Time to check some true colors, time to see who's legit
Clippin all the fake riders, gettin rid of ever Bitch
People thinkin there's a slippin on some serious drugs
Cause everywhere I'm out drinkin all I'm gettin is love
I back up from my back up (D-loc) we backin from them
cause your worst enemy can be your closets of friends
I've been cooler then sideways some people are worthy
Stab a brother in the back the definition of DIRTY
It fuckin amazes me what people would do
try to hang out everyday and be apart of your crew
Actin like some one they aint perpetratin a lie
Now that it's all said and done can"t even look you in the eye
For we gonna rise above and move forward
Kottonmouth Kings got an army full of soildas

People come and people go 
Life is short now don't you know
We just want to let the cool winds blow
No matter what some people say
We're gonna live our lifes this way
We gonna ride and we gonna run the show

People come and people go
Life is short so don't you know
We just wanna let the cool winds blow

Fuck Dragon Works
I knew this one cat that used to be cool
When he played himself out now he acts like a fool
Popped to many pills couldn't handle his buisness
B dub is now on my motha fuckin shit list
You got no respect your a piss of shit
Can't even look me in the eyes cause you act like a little kid
You lied to me right in front of my face
Your as fake as your company's name in the first place

Peepin at my house, runnin your mouth
Disrespect da minds and what I'm about
You got to get with this shit actin like a lil bitch
what about a hundred grand fool you aint rich
I can't believe you left me at gun point
Didn't open the door cause your fuckin rude
You better handle your beef pussy before your beef handles you
Handle your beef pussy before your beef finishes you
Fuck that shit, I should've known better
You a liein mother fucker with some criminal records
There aint nothin you can say plus your not even worthy
Pay backs a bitch Dragon Works your dirty


So let's go