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Artist: Kottonmouth Kings f/ Tech N9ne
Album:  The Green Album
Song:   Sex Toy
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: D-Loc]
All I wanna do is have some fun and fuck
Grab my sex toy, so I can wind it up
Pocket wikle bounce, do it down south
Here comes my nut, I want you to put in your mouth
Like it when you lick it, love it when I hit
Show me what you want
Make that face when I split it
The sound of sex, the sound effects
When the dick gets the pussy wet
(pussy wet, pussy wet, pussy wet)
Let's go to the bedroom so we can have some more sex
You know D-Loc's a pimp I like to keep on deck?
In house pussy any minute any sec
[?] and let your draws drop next

I don't think you know what you do to me, ya bring me joy!
Wind me up I just want to play with you, you're my sex toy
I don't think you know what you do to me, ya turn me on!
Do those freaky things that you do to me, all night long!
(You're my sex toy)

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
Tech N9ne, hella freaky baby
(Yeah, Yo, Check it)
I see you looking at me staring at Tecca Nina baby
I hope you know how far I go cuz I'm va-gee-na crazy
So come and play with me, everyday with me, lay with me
Hey I we [?]
I'll pay the fee she sedated me
I am the coochie man I get wilder when you be tame
Was tryin' to screw thee dane, but the woman had cootie thangs
If you techa nina for sick wicked nootie games
So fresh and so clean! clean!
Baby dirty is truely lame!
I am tryna get to the bottom of you, inside of you
Hidin' you with the mind of to be the septa?? then lie to you
Tryna get invited to baby's poo naa nee picnic
I was created to straight hit and play with you clit bitch!
Wake up with sore legs and bad necks, suckin' me silly no kisses baby got bad breath
"Super Gnarly" those are the famous words of Brad X
I'm techa nina if you ain't had me, bitch you ain't had sex!


Wind wind wind me up
Wind me up, sex toy
Wind wind wind me up
Wind me up, sex toy

[Verse 3: Johnny Richter]
Oh how you do it
Things you do, it feels so good to me!
Every time were together it's sexual ecstasy!
When we get crazy it drives the neighbors bananas, they can't handle animal sounds late at night, they can't stand us!
Yes I get freaky baby and I know you'll enjoy the games I'm playin so won't you be my sex toy
Just come over late at night wearing little clothes
I'll make your toes curl, I'll put you in my freak show
You can be a star, yes we can make a movie
I'll have you howlin' at the moon naked in my Jacuzzi
Your body's so wet and its lookin so good, climb up on daddy in the mornin' and ride his mornin' wood!


[Verse 4: Daddy X]
The way you work it girl I don't want you to ever leave!
You pullin crazy trick, suckin my dick out your sleeve
Can't believe you got the key to my treasure chest
I must confess I'm mesmerized by the kinky sex
Hey misses X you got me suckin on you left breast
Your taste is sure? your never showin up with nothin less
I must [?] like a rocket ship in the sky
You and I, watch our orgasms multiply
All night we going in and out like the tide
We bug eyed like Mr. Toad's wild ride
I'm tapping front and back, upside down and side to side
We ride them wild whores? now you got to ride high