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Artist: Kottonmouth Kings
Album:  The Green Album
Song:   Pack Ur Bowls
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Let me tell you story about. How some good old boys do it

Pack your bowl
Lets get stoned
As we head on down the road. (As we head on down the road.)

Now please come and take a journey throuhg life
The experience from what its like for 13 weeks
On a butt loungin in my bottom bucks yeah
With my pillow from home im catching and rollin Z's
Countin sheep while im sleeping in my satin sheets
Its a long way from X in a double feak
I spend my day walking up and down invisible streets
Smoking weed with the kings its a hella good thing

[Daddy x]
I spent a lifeitme on the open highway. A tough choice but I got to do it my way
My voice is gone home so far away I know they are for another 8 days
Im passed exhaustion I havent slept for a week. My girls trippin and we gettin searched by the heat
On top of that my merks guy rips this blind worst part I thought I was a pack of mine

Pack your bowls pack your bowls. Pack your bowls pack your bowls
As we head on down this winding road. (As we head on down the road)
Pack your bowl lets get stoned. (Ah lets get stoned lets get stoned.)
As we head on down the road. (As we head on down the road.)

Yeah you know im always getting stoned. Waking up everyday in the morning rollin bongs
Big ones always keepin it hot ya know the type to smoke out like some gun shots
Put your brain in a slipknot lifes slipknot have you stanidng on a rooftop rooftop rooftop
A foot in the gas lean back while im mashing why its up throw em up roll em up things I last

Ha ha ha my lifes kinda funny man. Been everywhere smoke can out from michigan
I heads spinning yo I think I need a cat scan. We smoking so much weed on the cap-i-tan
Richters mind the can with a bud light in cans im getting loose when I roll with my band
And when im with my friend we getting out of hand, im on the wrong way flicking us we never back again


[D-Loc & Richter x2]
We smoke up indo out the window
Show at the show we go out for broke
Rips like candle smoke like candle
Toke after toke we roll down the road yo

[Daddy X]
Back on the road we write in the thick of things
Dippin, Dodging, riding through different scenes
Different counties, cities, and districts somebody call a doctor this crew is so sick!
We the king klick cannabis monsters chewing up lobsters how the hellik they caught us
And they oughta X to got frota pickin on coranas sippin on coladas

[Chorus x2]