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Artist: Kottonmouth Kings f/ B-Real
Album:  Cloud Nine
Song:   Ridin' High
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Ridin' High
Switchin' lanes back and forth, poppin' strains of Indo
We ridin' high
Foot on the gas, car full and we smoke
Ridin' high
Laid back, smooth, it'll put you in the mood
We ridin' high
We're the Kings of the Chronic and this is how we do

When I bounce out, I got a pocket full of weed
Pants always sagged, Double Dash burnin' trees
?? Can't understand the next line ??
Stop at the liquor store to get a little somethin'
Pick a 12 pack up, a couple of blunts
Go back to the crib, now it's time to get drunk
Call my girl up, 'cause I need a lil' love
Roll another blunt, let the smoke float above

[J Rich]
On a Sunday afternoon, just washin' my car
Gettin' it ready for the night and the boulevard
Polishin' all the chrome and shinin' up the tires
Smokin' joint after joint, I couldn't get no higher
Keep a mini-bong chillin' in my cup holder
Plus a bag in my lap full of nothin' but the dosha
Cruisin' out the neighborhood on a slow stoncreek ??
I'm just out ridin' high, simply doin' my thing


Hittin' the weed and become just like me
Kush smokin' rebel full of THC ??
One hit, two hit, three hit, four
Then five more hits from my eight foot Roor
Then roll that shit up and hit it, pass it around
Don't hog it up or we take it away and put you down
You wanna medicate, meditate
Been known for hittin' the bong, blunts, and the vaporate
We ridin' high with an endless supply
Because we ?? and put the red in your eyes
We sack it up in three months, packin' the free lunch
After the 420, we stackin' the damn money
And so it goes if you're holidn' the dro
Break it out, blaze it up, then you hittin' & hold (??)
With the KMK or the Cypress blend
You better twist those ends and go tell your friends


[Daddy X]
We rollin' out like Willy and the Chocolate Bunch
With a ??, blowin' nothin' but the Skunk
?? Can't understand the next line ??
?? Can't understand the next line ??
See the police, they ain't phasin' me
I've had a lot of cops sit down & blaze with me
Throw their guns and their badge on the table
And break out a pound ??