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Artist: Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
Album:  Wanted: Dead or Alive
Song:   Wanted: Dead or Alive
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I'm wanted dead or alive
I stalk the New York sidewalk
All the girls hawk, but I don't stop to talk
I keep stepping with a nine on my waistline
Got 16 shots and I don't waste mine
Never fess cause I'm dressed with a bulletproof vest
Try to test, I leave a bloody-ass mess
Driving a Saab that connects with the mob
Bank job, plenty niggers I rob
Blood stains are on my Ballys
A sucker got rowdy, so I shot him in an alley
Pumped his face full of dum-dums
Then left him for the cast of rats and the bums
Yo a lot of suckers hate me with a passion
Cause they know I can catch them one night and I ain't flashing
I got a crazy big posse or should I say a crew?
Of niggers that belong in the zoo
Watch you spit up, blood when you get hit up
One in the head, making sure you don't get up
This is what happens and nobody can't stop it
Crackheads searching a dead man's pockets
Streets are filled with brothers that kill like Illville
They murdered before and they still will
Posse's roar in a drug war
Cause some believe in death before poor
Shooting galleries, for a rich man's salary
Pockets so fat they need dough or low calories
I got an order for another manslaughter
Wear the musty badge like his ass fell in water
I had to run up in the kid's crib
For something he did, I didn't dig, the little pig
Anyway I didn't have it
In fact now the little faggot is crawling with maggots
Try to bother the neighborhood godfather
And I'll burn your ass up like lava
Took alive the suckers that tried to get live
I never fronted, I'm wanted dead or alive

Here's the plan:  Shannon, you bring the van
Everybody's wearing gloves on their hand
Strictly army suits and long black Timberland boots
I want us all to roll like troops
See now we get the roll on them
Cause the punk little sucker they shot up came and told on them
I want him bagged them too
Cause ain't no telling of what he might do to my crew
Shoot a sucker at point-blank range
If he seems like he's acting strange
Dump the chump chain, go straight for the green and the jewels
And we can even take niggers' jewels
Shoot to kill and don't leave no witness
Survivors try to get live and get with this
Snatch up the top man and start slapping him
And put a cap in him and then start wrapping him
Up and pass no time to shiver
Stop on the bridge and deliver bodies into the river
Next stop, blow away that pain-in-the-ass cop
The one that keeps getting niggers knocked
Put an end to his shit and he ain't about making collars
The crooked-ass rookie wants dollars
My man Ron's on the rooftop, waiting to snipe
Two bullets went right through his windpipe
Cold blooded, shot down taking his very last breath
Left to bleed to death
Skip the jive, suckers that try to get live
Yo, I'm wanted dead or alive

I'm wanted dead or alive
So you better go and pin up posters 
Souls are burning like bread in the toaster
You stand in a trance with your pants full of manure
Flesh and blood clogs up the street sewers
Ready to kill some one else and
Cause I'm wanted dead or alive like Baby Face Nelson
Kick butts, a lot of heart, a lot of guts
And I'm quick to kick a nigger in his nuts
Armed robbery, homicide, third degree murder
Plus shit you never heard of
Come in my face with the he say, she say
And I'mma kick you up your ass like Pelé
One night some kids went for broke
And you can almost choke from the gunsmoke
Somebody got robbed and got fed up
So he set up the block to get wet up
One kid got caught down a dead-end street
Gunned him down from his head to his feet
One brother got smoked in a car chase
Through the windshield, a bullet in the face
Left his head wide open like a basket
Went to his funeral, shot up his casket
This is the type of shit on the street I survive
Yo, I'm wanted dead or alive