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Artist: Kool G Rap and DJ Polo
Album:  Road to the Riches
Song:   Poison
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Kool G Rap and Polo
Back again
This is poison so be alert and cautious
Those who act courageous you will get nauseous
Infected or contaminated
Turn on your stereo never come radio-activated
Deadly and fatal, poison the title
My recital hits the parts that are vital
So tune in the tone of beats and poems
Polo's headphones becomes a skull and crossbones
Pull out your Q-tips, clean out the earwax
If you're still hard of hearing, I'mma scrub them with Ajax
With maximum drum so behave and remember
You're a slave to my sound wave
Faster rhymes I mastermind I have to find
A new method time after time
Write a rhyme quick when I pull out my Bic pen
Stick to an idea, the soundproof slick then
Put it on paper cause I make you hyper
Than any other rapper cause I keep my rapping riper
Like cherries or some say berries
Mandatory for the auditory and its glory
Here's the story:  rappers getting leery to hear me
G speaks in a new technique of fury
Domination of drums and noise and
Yo yo yo Polo yo this is poison

Poison!  (x3)

Look-alikes on the mic you should get off
You're a rip-off, I'mma rip up, get rid of, cause you bit off
Bite off ate off imitate off
They get paid off for G Rap to get laid off
Get up and sit up the butterer and buttercup
Male or female shut them up, Po shut her up

Yeah hide my line as you pick them up
Rob me blind of my rhymes you might as well have said stick them up
Letters of metaphor matters to better the fatter your pocket
Rhymes blast off like rockets
Rhymes will be replaced and beats erased
In case a rapper tries to trace hardcore bass
Made in a minute the sky is the limit 
For reaching the goal and the dream wouldn't you want to be in it to win
Biters are wanted like animals hunted
Soon as I get them I hit them I done it to the suckers who fronted
The rappers who made it and did it
Forget about winning the battle cause I'mma shake rattle and roll
A little something for girls and boys and
Yo yo Polo my man yo this is poison

A mind designed to find a rhyme that's right on time
One step beyond and not behind the line
That separates dogs from divine
Take it as a caution, or a warning sign
Whether antonyms, words I'm blending them
Homonyms, synonyms, good like M&M's
With Polo and while he's slicing
I'll turn the mike's last name into Tyson
My brain is like a factory constantly creating
Material stitch by stitch for decoration
Lyrics are fabrics, beat is the lining
My passion in rhyming is fashion designing
Now it gets odd it, cause people want to sport it
You bought it, if you didn't then you couldn't afford it
Poetry full of surprises, it's like a game show
And my brain glows just like a rainbow
Rappers and poets they already know it
G Rap is a terror not a error and never will I stop reaching for better
Whether wheels of steel or reel to reel 
G Rap will make you feel the real deal
I usually rap hardcore and I know
That y'all thinking am I somehow semi, so
We yell "party" and girls and boys and
Remember Kool G Rap, Doc the Butcher and Polo is poison