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Artist: Kool G Rap
Album:  Half a Klip
Song:   What's More Realer Than That?
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"How's it goin' boys? I hear you guys are in business for yourselves now huh?
I hear youse are doing real good. Aren't you gonna introduce me to your friend here?
	I'll introduce myself, excuse the glory"

[Verse 1]
Yeah, make way for the R rated, armour plated
5 Fam, we rep this shit like we are related
Yeah, some of the click dead, some incarcerated
Lower the crop, you know them blocks gettin hard laboured
I let the dogs out the kennel, watch 'em form and assemble
Get the chef and the pots like I was born with utensils
Me and dollar schemes brainstorm in the middle
The war get to poppin, all stages for the bread
Know a couple of dudes that got pages in the Feds
Know a couple of dudes that got cages in the Feds
My grind can blow your mind like 12 gauges to your head
So I copped a Soviet AK for the spread
Never know when the past can come back to haunt you
Nigga lose his script, the wolves creep up and corner you
When it rains it pours so you knowin what the storm'll do
Niggas turned cold blooded, bring the body warmers through

Niggas planned to spray up my man's wake, I filled it with gats
Homie, what's more realer then that?
When Jake was at the front door knockin, I cocked them shits back
Yeah, what's more realer then that?
Had me trapped off, got the drop on me, just stared at the gat
Tell me, what's more realer then that?
Pick up the Paid In Full album cover, look in the back
Dog, what's more realer then that?

[Verse 2]
Yeah, dude been stuck to this throne, nobody movin me out
When I ran with a click niggas made movies about
Niggas be swearin shit again till that Uzi come out
Been subjected to the wild life since I was young
Sixteen when I first got pissed in the slum
Plenty bitches, drugs and money, won't mention the guns
Make a chick take the gum out her mouth, replace it with cum
Jake raided, I'm in the bed with a bitch, an inch from a glock
ATF with a fuckin punk that's sent from a cop
My dog got tied up and whipped in the spot
Face covered to get 'em, rape the bitch with 'em
Niggas in your crib speed up your heart pace rhythm
Life to me is doin dames that'll soothe the growin pains
Can't be mad that a nigga tryna grow and change
Shots at another nigga face like it's Novakane
Get it right big par, KGR you know the name


"It don't work for me, it don't work for no one.
	I don't like bossin.
You was better off if you stayed in the Bronx."