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Artist: Kool G Rap
Album:  Half a Klip
Song:   I Feel Bad For You Son
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"I can't believe that it's real"

[Kool G Rap]
Yeah, hear me? Word
You see us scheming (you see us), you see us plottin
We bout to leave you bleedin (that's right), we bout to get it poppin (no doubt)
We got that jewellery gleamin, we got them hammers cocking (uh huh)
Me and my wolves are fiendin, homie we from the rotten
Heeeeey "I feel bad for you son" <-- Jay-Z

PA nine rubber grip, AK hammer plate
Roll up, get dotted up with eighteen gamma rays
Runnin with them heaters out, find out what my team about
5 Fam Click dog with the chips up, you clean the house
It's life in the fast lane, you lames take the scenic route
G bout to get money, walk around with his peter out
Plus I'm like Rick Ross, I'm big boss and you see the clout
My hammers click off then you big floss and the heap come out
Homie can't stand the rain, duck from my candy paint
Truck where your man is slain, we fuckin banana flames
Fuck all your glamour fame, give up the grands and chains
G in the phantom range, roll up, we bring the rains
Yeah, we skip a few, whole click we trigger pull
The potholes that Desert Eagles leave are huge so here's the rules
Came to take it over, lay 'em face-over
Mix it with baking soda, listen to the breaks from Hova

"I feel bad for you son" <-- Jay-Z {*X7*}

"I can't believe that it's real"