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Artist: Kool G Rap
Album:  Half a Klip
Song:   100 Rounds (Original Version)
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[Kool G Rap]
Fo'-fo' calibre spit game, you know?
KGR, Giacana, Queens runnin things you know?
Know it!

[Verse 1]
Any nigga crazy enough to take G for a joke
I don't know about your flow but I'ma see that you float
Cause I don't waste my time beefing with dopes, the heat smokes
Only microphone niggas speaking to me on this rope
Get some hood bitches to point out where you and your hoe live
A crack head can even Mack 11 your whole crib
Get twenty holes in your wig from eleven-year-old kids
Only twenty-two when they come from eleven-year-old bids
Find out ya racin to the 5-0 station
Got a Jake on a payroll to give your location
I'ma shove a machete inside your ass like Jason
End up a fresh nig' buried in the basement
That's how we movin, got killers from other coasts
Give some pennies to wire whips with explosives
We okay niggas to death at high doses
Columbian necktie, nigga you closest

[Hook] {X2}
You know it's trouble when the Click come around here
Shit that we totin, gotta get from the sound here
Whoever want it on your script, gun 'em down
Spin your whips, Hummers round with a swift hundred rounds, yeah

[Verse 2]
Give two of them things to a frame in armour
Razor blade a nigga face like he came from Uganda
Run in your shit aiming the llamas, while your dame in pyjamas
Then you watch while niggas banging her posture
All we want is them C-notes, that bundle of dope
You can play hero and die, try to rumble with toasters
Just be easy baby boy, it only take us a minute
Got a bag of yay, some pussy and some cake to split it
Cross right over your line nigga we take the scrimmage
Keep the stones and the jewellery blue as the face on the grimace
New York State menace with eight's by the appendix
No lactose in it, get raw freight from the chemist

[Hook] {X2}

[Outro] {X2}
Stop acting like you ain't know me, you know my name yo
Stop acting like you don't notice the way my chain glow
Stop acting like you ain't loving me in my mink coat
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah