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Artist: Kool G Rap
Album:  Giancana Story
Song:   Fight Club
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Get 'em up now
Ladies, get 'em up now
Niggas, get 'em up, get 'em up, get 'em up, get 'em up, get 'em up now
The killas, the dealers, get 'em up now
My Gorillas, get 'em up now
Get 'em up, get 'em up, get 'em up, get 'em up now
(Background): feeling like coming through

[Kool G Rap]
Yo somebody wanna Giancana mark for death
What a hard test spark your best
Better aim for the heart and chest stay sharp when you park the Lex
Twenty police better guard your rest laying down for gods to bless
Sixteen ain't hard to catch, think you could dodge the rest?
I was coming to you, hard to guess?
What nigga hot better not nod the rest
In the front yard a mess should of rocked a larger vest
Wifey and ma' depress news impress mob the rest
This sketch like an architect
We march whit techs (background: march whit techs)
Gorilla to death nigga start to rep (background: start to rep)
Break a thug nigga with a hearts of vets (background: hearts of vets)
Shoot 'em in the wrist lost Bagguetts
Got a trade pound god depress one tattoo scar a flesh
If I ain't dead up ion the harbor wet
Read the beam with a flash of light kid blast to the afterlife
Lift off to the traffic light
Come through a nigga money better have it right
Kid never do a bid I'ma pass the kite
Somebody get slashed tonight (huh)
Splash top the casket right

[Chorus: Shaqueen] (repeat 2x)
Got up in the club now play the wall, get 'em up now
Somebody wanna act up start the brawl, get 'em up now
My whole clique ain't afraid at all
Bust my guns (get 'em up) at all of y'all, get 'em up now
You gotta go down now for the team, get 'em up now
Run for the front door duck the beam, get 'em up now
Punk all bloody shake the scene
Say what you(get 'em up) want don't touch the cream
get 'em up now

[Kool G Rap]
Yall know G Rap got it lock down
Whole clique put a lot down get found with a hot round
Duck down when I pop the pound
Only one brick gotta chop it down paper get low gotta hop the town
Nigga wanna front got a drop the clown
Why you looking sad bitch stop the frown
Baby look good got a cop it down
All up in the shook up walls knock 'em down
Black Gorilla fam we got the sound
See my nigga Primo cop the brown
Hope ain't no cops around
Click up hit the club with the big bucks
Chips up fifth tuck drive with a wrist up
Hit the bar by the cryst shop
Drink hard till I piss up
Hiccup bounce out with a big truck
Chicks to fuck take 'em home dick 'em up
And I went to get my shit suck
Chick rider and I picks 'em up
Dump 'em often fix 'em up
Wanna blow trees here twist 'em up
Wanna drink champagne get your cup
Let the whole family hit you up
Won't stop till I am rich as fuck, keep it coming y'all


What you going to do when my niggas come for you
Better duck and hide don't you know that ass is through
Leave you f-ing that's the way we lay our game down
Is evident we don't fuck around

Play the wall, get 'em up now
Start the brawl, get 'em up now get 'em up get 'em up now
'Fraid at all
All of y'all get 'em up get 'em up now
See the team, get 'em up now
Duck the beam, get 'em up now
Shake the scene get 'em up get 'em up
Touch the cream, get 'em up now
(Repeat Twice)