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Artist: Knightowl
Album:  The Wicked West
Song:   Who Do You Think That You're Fuckin Wit
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[Knightowl (Talkin)]
Hey what's up you fuckin bitch
Now look at your sorry punk ass
[car screechin off]
I'd like to dedicate this song
To all them punk mothafuckas
That be talking shit
Even though they know 
They ain't bout a god damn thing
Fuck you and fuck all those that surround you
You weak ass little bitch
And to all those mothafuckas that don't like
What I speak, choke on a fat ass dick
And to those that wanna step to my boy Chris Gunn
Watch that ass mothafucka

Fool think about who you fuck wit
You can't step to me
And get away with that bull mothafucka
Knightowl be the one to put a gat inside your mouth
I'll smoke that ass then head south
It's that criminal bringin all those putos drama
Bitch made niggas get broke like a ramma
I'ma put em in the house of pain
Without a brain it got blown out
Now it's mothafuckin lights out
So anybody that'll try to disrespect me
Best believe ain't nobody bad enough to thee
Not so nice, given a fuck about life
Roll that ass like some dice
You must pay the price
Nobody's able to bust things the way that I do
I got this for you and you're mothafuckin crew
A chrome fuckin peace that'll spit to the head
Lot's of mothafuckin lead, leavin all putos dead

[Chorus: Chris Gunn]
Who do you think
That you're fuckin wit
I'll put a bullet inside your dome
Who do you think
That you're fuckin wit
I'll never let you make it home

Second time around but you still think you're tough
You tried to call a bluff and to that you got snuffed
Life ain't nothin but a mothafuckin dream
Come try and battle, go ahead bring on the whole team
I'm the man that'll fight him, I out right em
Puttin my shit down for the mothafuckin brown
Puttin slugs in all you sons of bitches
Punks like you get dropped off wearing stiches
I don't fuck around, never play, never will
My intentions, you know be to kill
Anybody that'll wanna come try
This mothafuckin lokness
Eyeballs up on the scope and I'm focused
I never lost a battle and behind my own shadow
I'm fatal like a mothafuckin rattle
I stick and move to those that'll test
I bust them 38 slugs in your chest


Poppa don't take no mess so call me daddy
I'll snatch a mothafucka right out his caddy
Then put a bullet in his dome
That shit be on, don't mad dog or look at me wrong
Cause I'ma put that ass inside a freezer
Direct to the morgue you'll be stiff as a board
So when I see that ass up close
You best run little bitch, I knows you's a snitch
You wanted to battle
But you become the fuckin victim
And not a damn thing changed as I ripped him
In two, what the fuck you gonna do about
When the gun's on my lap 
And the demon's bustin caps
Run, just like that little bitch that you be
Stop tryin to be like me, I'm O.G.
You'll be unreliable, I'll be uncontrollable
All the shit I say is qouteable


[Chorus 2: Knightowl]
I don't think you wanna fuck around
With the mothafuckin Knightowl
Cause you might get smoked
I'll put you in plastic inside of a casket
Your mothafuckin face with a shotgun I blasted

[Chris Gunn]
Who do you think
That you're fuckin wit