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Artist: King Lil G
Album:  Hood Money (Mixtape)
Song:   Legz Up
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I'm on this l.a. shit
Don't understand
Why my game so sick
California boys
We run this bitch
I say we run this bitch
Let me tell you
About a punk ass homie
Hatin' on me
Cause his bitch wanna blow me
What can I do?
She don't wanna get off me
Bent on my dick
From the minute she saw me
Hell yeah
I'm a tear that pussy up
Take pictures of us
Send 'em to you if you want
Smack that
From the back in her car
I'm a smack that
Like look muthafucka
I got that

Have a bitch like uughhh uuuuhh
From the back like uughhh uuuuhh
Up in the car like uughhh uuuuhh
Legs up

[Verse 2]
I said I'm creeping
With my hat low
Bitches love me
Even though that I'm a asshole
I'm a gangsta affiliate
Affiliated with about a million
Gang bangers full of tattoos
If you want it don't trip
We gettin' at you
I hate a 2 face bitch
Bitch made switch lanes betray quick
Don't never trust them hoes
Once I get 'em I fuck them hoes
Get your heart broken
Tryin' to love them hoes
Oh that's them hoes?
We fucking with the same bitch
I know you love her
But I never say shit
I wouldn't do you like that
I promise your bitch
I wouldn't do it like that


[Verse 3]
I know my enemies love my swag
So much they love my raps
Bump my tracks
Everywhere I go
I show them bitches
How to dip it real low
I got the music
Where the gangstas feel it
Bump it in the hood
And the dj spin it
Bitches say ughh
Like they bang no limit
Like they bang no limit
If she's taken that's my type
Ring on the finger
Bout to be your wife
And we could keep it real low
Put it in your mouth
Let it hit your throat
Play with it
Don't stop - don't stop
Just play with it
Don't stop - don't stop
I came with it
Don't stop - don't stop
Bout to rain in it