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Artist: King Tee
Album:  Tha Triflin' Album
Song:   Drunk Tekneek
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(Well alright)
Oh shit

[ VERSE 1 ]
Many, many asked if I knew the way to go
I thought I knew the answer, it seems I wouldn't, so
I picked and I picked, for the label I searched
I slipped and I tripped for the pop, it didn't work
So now I take the stage of my what? 3rd comeback
Now I know the tricks of the trade, and where the slum's at
Blows to the chest, buckshots from the guage
Page after page King Tee takes the rage
Lord have mercy when I pick up my pen
Then I ask the Lord to forgive me for my sins
Cause I get drunk when I get trucked ( *shots* )
There go some gunshots, wait - I gotta duck
(Get down, fool, get down...)
What everybody runnin fo'? (Awww shit!)
Can't take the plug of a .38 slug
Can't take the drug from the teenage thug
So I'ma break loose and do a flip-flop top
And land on my feet and show a drunk tekneek

(Couldn't walk a straight line)
(Ladies and gentlemen, I...)
(Couldn't walk a straight line if you let me crawl)
(Leanin to the side)
(I know I'm drunk, man)
(Leanin to the side, people everywhere)
(Well alright)
(Wants to get funked up)

[ VERSE 2 ]
M-M-M-MC's seem to get souped when they group
With a big name, but see, none of them is game
For the royal, loyal, the one that stole yo
Coupe De Ville when you thought you could chill
On my street, with your freak, to freak me, the freak
Played out along the week and fell steep in the creek
So I'ma put my crown upon the peak
And do it just for the thieves with the jeeps
I know you feel scared, I got a criminal path
For a laugh I watch devils get whipped by Shaft
Pooh has a mack-10, E-Swift's in the Benz with a glock
Takin some young girl's cock
I grab that geno-St. Ides by the stack
Never smoked crack, but I drunk a lotta 'yac
Mostly by the cup, grabbin my nuts to the beat
Hey yo, it's the drunk tekneek