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Artist: King Tee
Album:  Tha Triflin' Album
Song:   On Tha Rox
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[King Tee]
Check this out
Hey, I knew this nigga named Johnnie Walker
A nightstalker, a big shit-talker
Even though he liked a lot of vodka (say what?)
he was from Tennessee, sprung off Hennessey
Makin enemies fast - in L.A.N. they didn't play (what?)
He got into a Tanque/tangle with +Ray+, he had on too much gray
Ray had a Strawberry sister named Daquiri
Johnnie politely her ass behind the back three
Now, all four uncles E&J wanna tossi
Martini and Rossi had to get the niggaz off me
He got jacked for his Dana's, in other words 
(give it up nigga, give it up!)
He caught the Nighttrain and blasted his Thunderbird
with the pistol, him and Cisco, couldn't stand him
cause he caught him lickin Brandy off his sister named Kandi
At this point he had more bad luck than a trash truck
He lost his girl, Remi spent his last buck up
Remi caught him shootin game at Elayne, so now
flowers and champagne don't mean a damn thang
Remi ended up runnin off with Martin
He was wanted for arson for startin fires in Carson
So Johnnie hired a gun named Rum, and paid him
151 and the job got done
with a thirty-eight straight to the face
He caught him in a six-pack and got they ass back
Up close he made 'em post and broke all their glasses
(?) and Rum threatened their families with matches
He felt he needed more men just like Gin
So he packed his strap and started claimin Silver Satin
From then on in, anybody caught bailin
down Seagram's 7 was bound to get sweated
Except Bartyles and James, cause they was cool
He knew 'em from school when they didn't bang and made moves
Turns out, he never reached the top
They found his ass at the beach "on tha rox"

{*ocean, sound of seagulls, closing DJ scratch*}