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Artist: King Tee f/ Playa Hamm
Album:  Thy Kingdom Come
Song:   Tha Game (It's Ruff)
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[Playa Hamm * vocoder voice effect]
Compton, oh
It's rough... (Compton, Compton)
Rough... (oooooh)
It's rough... (it's so rough)
Rough... (Compton baby)

[King Tee]
Last big baller standing, King Tee loco
Simply down the Hennessey while others snort coca
Just tryna live my life like a G supposed ta
Mash in something brand new, breaking off the corner
I went another route, there's so many claiming killer
And ballers what it's all about? Getting all the scrilla
All these haters in the world wanna try to kill ya
So if you're strapped at all costs, playboy I feel ya
I've been around the world through every hood scoping
Young Gs just drowning in the game soaking
Puffing hydro, tryna hold it in but choking
Steady locing, not too many plans spoken
Never let your left hand know what your right hand got
Play a move for staying on top, the hustle don't stop
And some of y'all can't get enough
But your homie King Tee's here to put you up
The game is rough

[Chorus: Playa Hamm * vocoder voice effect] {X2}
It's rough... (you can get some when you need some)
It's rough... (but if you take some you better leave some)

[King Tee]
Part two of the game deals with the ladies
Stick they ass out when they see my big Mercedes
Or you could ride, then I'ma turn you out baby
Having you dancing at the coast, drunk, looking crazy
But some fellas fall victim to your player clutch
Got your fingers full of ice, ain't never fucked
And I ain't the type to like fight and tussle
And like that nigga Jay-Z, I +Can't Knock Your Hustle+

[Playa Hamm]
Still ain't no leeway, we play for keeps, P's up
Hookers thinking we gon' ease up? Eat these up
Bust cum and we collected, check it bottom to top
All I got for 'em is some jism and a blow pop
Girls behind my zippers, where I'm keeping what they want
Maximising in the Aftermath and making it rough

[Chorus] {X2}

[King Tee]
Fo' sho' I lace the funk up like a fiend
Uncut, throw it on the triple beam
It's on hump, walking, tryna make my cream
Battlecat, Playa Hamm, oh and I'm the King

[possibly Battlecat; does not sound like Playa Hamm]
Oh wait excuse me King Tee, I'm like your favourite fan
and that record "Act a Fool" was like my favourite jam
Not to ride your ball sack but where some hoes at?
Tee youse a cold mack

[King Tee]
Playa and you know that
It's real, here loc, hit this doja
Try to lock in everything that a nigga told ya
Stay sucker free, come and fuck with me, I'll show ya
On dubs with that big V-12 boulder
Show 'nough, homie it's only full bloom
Conversation straight from the throne
And all my niggas is rich, roll thick and live plush
and we never take these streets for granted cause
The game is rough

[Chorus] {X2}

[Playa Hamm * vocoder voice effect to end]