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Artist: King Tee f/ Killa Ben (AKA Sharief) *
Album:  Thy Kingdom Come... featuring Dr. Dre
Song:   Real Raw 
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* Appeared on Dr. Dre's L.A.W. (Lyrical Assault Weapon) as Sharief

[Intro: Sharief]
The Aftermath is ready to work it out 
Yo King Tee "Yeah" you ready to work it out?!
The Aftermath is ready to work it out
It's Sharief, I'm ready to work it out
We are here, to tell the world, just who we are
Shocking females, cause we are superstars
Let me tell you

Aiyyo, niggaz got problems thinking they can take Sharief
They be leaving the club with no fronts like Michael Spinks
On a stretcher like the page format, head bath
Bubbling in the bathroom niggaz just kick that ass
First right kick, and three strikes you out
I'm brutalizing the posse boys be on the shadow with doubt
Like brass knuckles, crazy hard rugged and rough
Raw rebel on raw charts, and poetry punks

[King Tee]
They be like.. Who was that with them custom made rhymes?
West Side styles for the mind
Plus, the lyrical wit, the spiritual hit, to safe your soul
Leave you trembling full of holes
Fresh from Comp-town, and man I got clowns for the speeches
Rugged dialect in effect with cool features
Out west by beaches with freak shit
It's Brooklyn in the house       ----> Junior Mafia
Where Sharief lives

Brooklyn, New York
I stalk New York when it's time to hawk
Leaving out the talk, outline the while chalk after dark
Stiletto for your slaughter, disorder your tape recorder 
can't handle.. the Reprecussion in.. Flex-tex
Soon as I knock, outfox any crew, crush the paddles 
And burn rap devils that's Hypothetical
I swing a shank in your sector
I stop your crew to come through like a metal detector 

[Chorus: Both]
It's Real Raw, we're giving you more and more
So East Coast, what the fuck is you waiting for?
It's Real Raw, we're giving you more and more
So Down South what the fuck is you waiting for?
It's Real Raw, we're giving you more and more
So Mid West, what the fuck is you waiting for?
It's Real Raw, we're giving you more and more
So West coast, what the fuck is you waiting for?

[King Tee]
They say the King comes through when they clutch
Can't no man touch, what this young man busting up
We won't even discuss who's the shit
I chase Emcees like Raimo chase dick
Admit, you was the one who thought your style was legit
And I was the one that called your shit counterfeit
King Tee got the glitch, to rock this bitch
Took a Limo' to Brooklyn cause I'm rich

My mind is known for murdering X-Raw
Sound Grenades, blowing up on your tape recorder 
(*Explosion*) Sheriffs dispel
Bust crazy dose for smoking
camophones shank swing, and slice brains open
So your cool aspiration is getting seizure
I dig inside your brains without using an Sneizure
It's critical conducive brain damage, bust
I'm robbing out your name for life, you're getting stucked

[King Tee]
I'm not a beginner but a winner hands down
Loc is on the mic and the whole fucking town
Pick up the mic and let's go a couple of rounds
You contended; fucking with the best pound for pound
King Tee, I'm mashing through the Westcoast 
A lot of niggaz fill the trigger but don't come close
I'm serving all you fools in less than one ??
Cause all that shit that you're woofing
I been there, done that!

[Chorus: Both]