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Artist: King Tee f/ Mike Dean, Whoz Who 
Album:  Thy Kingdom Come
Song:   The Original  
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[Intro: Mike Dean Talking]
Aiy, check this out
I heard two sounds of my home boy Pinky telling me
They got motherfuckers out there yelling:
Why do you see them when you can see their friend?

[Prelude #1: King Tee]
We gonna go down south
Some of that south funk, you know what I'm saying?
What you really know about the dirty south?
Ha ha, check this out

[Verse 1: King Tee]
Man, let the summer begins, the heat excites my westsiders
Ain't nothing but Gs and Lowriders
Dipping in tightest, indoed out, benzoed out
Fool, what got the Hen' no doubt
My friends show out, we stack up ends and roll out
Make sure the Chronic smoke blows out
Them tricks got no clout
Cause they're hating how we serve it
Don't test T, Loc, it ain't worth it
The satellites go circuit, zooming in or how you work it
And killers make the world standstill, picture perfect
Infinite since the infantile of the child
Mamma said the baby gone wild, so I'm like Ta-dow
How you like your chickens hotter mile
I slang it like it's going out to style
Now, I'm in traffic, any block these rims will turn
Take you niggaz from the burn

[Chorus: Whoz Who]
Now, if you wanna be a player baby
And if you wanna be a G
King Tee is the player second baby
Because you Can't fade me
I'm the original
When I made Gs and brought the Mo' 
Trunk tight making these niggaz know
I'm the original

[Prelude #2: King Tee]
Watch the chin check, yeah, ha ha

[Verse 2: King Tee]
Now, I was taught, half heart, half the money and survive
"Beware of them player hating marks and disguise"
Stay wise, these whores are crying look you in your eyes
"And set you up, cause money lives forever lowride"
No surprice, that's why I'm Hub City everlasting
Any disrespect, I'm blasting
Old School fashion, a pair of the Desert Eagles in the Regal
Designator hollow point diesels, running down your peopls
And I don't bluff, I stand tough and roll deep
Blessed by the homie Big E, rest in peace
I keep the phone calling out
I got the neighborhood spoiling high, scolding
And I'm lost in the Gangster ways
The Gangster Mades, they wonder where this gangster lays
Hey, out west, where the best rest and chill 
And chant Makaveli lives

[Chorus: Whoz Who]

[Verse 3: King Tee]
And as the world turns, I still recieve scars and burns
I'm out west, my niggaz wear curls and perms
Time just ticks while little Gs grab guns for mix
Cause murdering a fool ain't shit to them
I want money and rims and big jewels
Gs have heart, have money no rules
Is what we've been taught
And killers they don't talk for the hood, we all faught
And some outlined and choked
Sometimes I see murder then I cry, maybe I'm high
But the glocks live-by
Plus, I struggle with keeping my game wrapped tight
And mashing on the next player hater on sight
Because my state of being, my only obective
Cause I shot the Sheriff and that punk detective
Run and tell them, King Tee is bailing with 'Dre
Represent yourself through your shit that bump all day

[Chorus: Whoz Who w/ minor variations X2]
Now, if you wanna be a player baby, and if you wanna be a G
King Tee is the player second baby, because you can't fade me
I'm the original
When I made Gs and brought the Mo' 
Trunk tight making these niggaz know
I'm the original