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Artist: King Tee f/ Dr. Dre, Ice-T
Album:  Thy Kingdom Come
Song:   Intro/Thy Kingdom Come 
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Damn (*Laughter*)
give me that
That means every....
Everybody in jail gotta lock it up
(*Cell Block Locked*)

[Dr. Dre]
Aiy, dog!
Like we always do about this time..

Yeah, this Ice-T, nigga
The L.A. player
And right now, you are about to witness
Some of the most impenitence, incredible, magnificent "yeah"
pimpin, hustlin, playin' of all times
I'm talkin about my nigga King Tee's LP, bitch
Thy Kingdom Come
This what you been waitin' on
(*sample of Police Sirens*)
this nigga ain't on his first Rolex "yeah"
this nigga done hittin' switches and smackin bitches since day one
Hoe, act like you know
I could buy my self a Goddamn Space ship
Fly all over you motherfuckers
(*sample of Police Radio*)
Just drop shit on you, like this King Tee's album motherfuckers "yeah"
This is the motherfuckin real shit, bitch
Thy Kingdom Come
Nigga, this nigga done walkin on the water
Pimpin, throwin' some hoes out of the movin' vechiles
Goddamn, what the fuck you got to do?
Do we got to bring the game to you on a motherfuckin silver platter?
Do we got to enforce feed this shit into you?
Or you just gonna sit back and listen to this L.P.?
Nigga recognize, learn somethin'
increase your wealth, learn how to knock a bitch
This is the real shit
Peep game, for real...