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Artist: King Tee
Album:  IV Life
Song:   Advertisement
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Christian Brothers man..
{*burrrp*} Excuse me
(Watch your manners man, what the fuck is wrong with you?)

[King Tee]
Check it out ("keep on") boo-yaow!
Ah one-two, yeah bust it bust it..
What the fuck is goin on man?
Ah one-two, who's comin through the door?

Oh shit, well there he is!  Tha Alkaholik funk in person
  Yo, what should I do?
Play like Heavy D and "Don't Curse"
He's a mean one, no a clean one, he's the King hon
  {*sniff*} I smell blunts
  Hey, ask him has he seen one!
It doesn't look like he has blunts in his handles
Looks, more like, a fifth of Jack Daniels
  Look what you dropped!
Some crazy-ass shit for listeners
Up against the wall with the bitches
Damn, I wonder why he don't want the Chronic like snoop
  Because he's from Tha Alkaholik group!
(Oh yeah yeah that's right)
There's one thing that can be certain
  What's that?
They be mixin Tanqueray with the Squirt and
downin St. Ide's like water, oops (??) WHAT?
(??) water, y'all can get looted
Cause King Tee with the stupid fat funk, hey
  What is this?

Hah.. ah one-two
  Yeah, when you're in that Benz
It's advertisement..
That's some shit, shit!
Yo, ah one-two (yo yo yo)

  Did you peep his walk?
Yeah he walks real cool
I guess that bulge in his coat is a tool
  Yeah but for what?
For those who don't know who he is
The neighborhood jackers that bumrush kids
  But yo I think he's straight, it looks like a 9 millimeter
Yeah POW-POW, nice to see ya
  Look he's stretched like he just got released from the county
With a gang of little hoochies all around me
  Well he always been a pimp
Haha, yeah that's true
Some say they bob with the K-Swiss shoe
  Aww, you're buggin
Nah man, that's the truth
They say, Tela got hoes like Luke
Yeah his records kinda shitty
King Tee'll bust rhymes for the whole city
  He's from Compton
Yeah, just like Most Wanted
  He drives a grey beamer with the blue pearl on it
It's advertisement

Ah one-two.. uh!
Ah one-two..
  {*scratching "Keep on"*}
Huh, yeah, ah one-two..

Well, guess who got the fat shit for 1994?
  Who is that?
Alkaholik crew
  Yeah I seen 'em on tour
That shit's wicked, wait, oopsy-daisy, here's your ticket
We paid $20 to see E-Swift mix
  Yeah he wrecks shop
Yeah that kid is kinda groovy
Rip the turntables then step with a cutie
Just get down, get down, the man like Ed Lover
  Yeah, take his picture for the cover