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Artist: King Tee f/ DJ Pooh
Album:  Act a Fool
Song:   Ko Rock Stuff
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Ko rock stuff(scracth)

Dj Pooh:
I like to make funky beats and record'em
Sell'em to the top MC's that can afford'em
Back in the days at school in our pavilion
Bangin' on the desk makin' beats worth a million
Still in the groove with all the beats I remember
Lock in my brain from january to december
I don't need a band to get behind and stand
"Yo pooh" ,what

Rock the beat with you hand(scratch)

Pooh plays drums (scratch freestyle)

Ko rock stuff (scratch)

King tee:

Yo Pooh,I've been watchin' you 'cause you're like a master
I'm only tellin' them this because I hasta 
See,you're unique
You got your own physique
Style is kinda neat
And it comes from the street
Complete to fill the room
Never out of tune
Pooh,show'em what you mean by boom

Dj cool Pooh (scratch freestyle)

All you wack MC's that say a rhyme that lingers
You wack Dj's A.K.A. butter fingers
How do you think you can come in competition
You're rockin' for fun
I'm for real
I'm on a mission
>From the old school,but I'm not an oldie
Just like the mack
In fact,call me goldie
Rough like an italian who just watched rocky
Or return of the wack disc jockey

Pooh play drums (scratch)

It's smooth and yet it's kinda rough
Not your average stuff
To be outstanding you must
In this profession you're a scientist
I'm not lyin' this
Beat is so funky
It's messin' with my sinus
Other procedures should just resign
MC's put the L.A. posse  in mind
Because that's where Pooh's from
So let the story be told

Everything that he touch (scratch)
Ha's sales gold          (scratch)

Yo I'm King tee and I do the kool rappin'
A funky combination it's hard to imagine
Pooh with his cuts and his beats
Me with the rhyme and I got a whole heap
Of'em,I'm here to talk and
Conversate about a kid named Pooh
So knowledge this,pay attention
I'm referring to you
About a genius I think I said enough
Pooh you can finish with me
Ko rock stuff

Ko rock stuff (scratch)

Pooh play drums (scratch freestyle)

Ko rock stuff (x5)