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Artist: King Louie f/ WaMu
Album:  Showtime (Mixtape)
Song:   High
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: WaMu]
I be so high bitch, that I'm dying
Yo bitch say she doing dicks, all night
All my niggas drillas, bye bye
Julie yeah she so bad, she's a dime
Double cup me up, I need that Sprite
She say she don't do dicks, she's a lie
I be so fly nigga, that I'm flying
I'mma fucking mac nigga, take a bite
All my niggas Gucci'd up, think I'm lying?
Got the 40 Glock special, you see it shine
Hell yeah he trained to go, all the time
All these niggas fuck niggas, two times
You say that you rock Louie, you a lie
Shout out to Nino, that's my guy
I be going nutso, I lose my mind
If you disrespect the squad, it's drill time
All my niggas wit tha shits, don't be suprised
I be smokin dope nigga, all the time
All my shit designer, Gucci stripe
Bitches kissin bitches, slut dikes

[Verse 2: King Louie]
All I do is smoke dope, all day
Tell 'em get off my dick, that's they ho job
Double cup, pour me up. Shout out to drugs
Yo bitch didn't do me, she did my dick
Catch a goofy lackin, its a hit
Arm, leg, arm, leg. Body, head!
Only smoke loud pack, don't fuck wit mid
Yo bitch say she didn't go, I'm like shittt!
She fucked me and my homie, she a ho piid (period).
Wit me she smoke and have sex, you had a kid
Niggas goofy cappin, get em dead
Sippin dirty soda,
Bad lil thot, she on me. She like my smile
That's 50 thou. That bitch like, "Wow! Let's fuck right now!"
My life is a movie, showtime
These niggas is broke as fuck, no grind
Everyday I MUBU, that's all the time
'til its my time, and I'm not dying
On that Rich Forever shit, MMG
All my niggas Wild Boys, Machine Gun Kelly
Machine guns choppin shit, like they Jet Li
Go and get another kit, one plus three
Its purpee, just may OD
I'm High!