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Artist: King Louie
Album:  Jeep Music (Mixtape)
Song:   Turn 2 Me
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

City on my back but that's tatted on my stomach
Fuck shit make ma vomit
My choppa hold a hondred
My pockets full of Hundreds
And there's 20's and 50's
For 40's we got 30's and 50's, ain't shit sweet
These nigga's act like bitches
I got bitches for my bitches
Don't got no time for these hoes
Make sure my shoes they match my clothes
Mubu real ass Casket's closed
I'm smoking gas while driving fast
At the lot they car folks spaz
He be spassing but he be spinning
I love my team cause we be winning
From the bottom to the top
I don't wanna fuck I just want top
I heard you plotting on my watch
Robbing that'll get you killed
Them Killers love me fo Real
And send 'em af you that I will, I'm fucking nigga's bitches daily
Up the one way doing 80, I got bands like lil sis katie
Bitch my smile's worth a Mercedes
Fool I'm trapping out the Bando
Spend bands on weapons and ammo
Dudes is mobbing like Soprano
Bitch my life should be a channel, where the remote
Turn 2 me, turn 2 me
I'm on TV. Jesus taking pictures
They say they're watching us like tv
I know these pussy nigga see me
Turn 2 me
Yea I'm starring Mubu eat these
Nigga starving, nigga snakes
Life's a garden, since I'm balling, I be scoring
Bitch please
Turn 2 me
Fuck your man ho, I'm da man
Number one, I'm On-Demand
Your girlfriend my biggest fan
You make her mad when ya'll at home
She's go in the room, lock the door, grab the remote
Huh? and do what? do what?
Turn 2 me, turn 2 me, turn 2 me, turn 2 me, turn 2 me, turn 2 me, turn 2 me