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Artist: King Louie
Album:  Jeep Music (Mixtape)
Song:   Time
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Time is money and money is time
But I don't got time
Spend money on time
Yeah I know this bitch shine
Got homey doing time
When I think about them
Being free all the time
Fuck this hate on me all the time
I just get money
Spend money all day
Doesn't make a damn
Going to a party
Get money too either keg on a mic
What niggas gonna do
Head going bull this the same as the K
Get money fail tell the Benz on the light
Get Benz all the time get Benz
Your bitch shotgun like she came with the G
Topping me off like my thing is a tree
I get money long as my heart has a beat
Things don't get on money counter
Diamond all rough told'em I was exquisite
See all of them man I talk to these bitches
They calling me spotting they balling they missing
Either they fuck it
They know what they misses
With me they reach other kisses
I'll be like bitches you need more bitches
They calling bitches now we selling bitches
Don't fuck with these niggas
Cause these niggas bitches