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Artist: King Louie f/ Lil Herb
Album:  Jeep Music (Mixtape)
Song:   Hit a Lick
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Chorus: x2]
I just hit a lick
All my money come in bricks
Foreign Riding smoking dope (Smoking DOPEEE!)
Getting money that's all I know

[Verse 1: King Louie]
I just bumped a bitch
She work at the pharmacy, free drink
That's a lick.
I just hit a lick
Gotta move with bands already on E
Talking that big money shit gonna get yo ass stained
Poked, sweet lick
I'm a walking lick
But you would die trying to take shit
Rolling like a bitch
Me and my bitch need more OJ and Fiji
Even though I'm dolo in the car got two burners I'm 3 deep
Pockets full of hundreds
So much dope smoke, I'm smoking that BP
Anti-mid, no 87 only 93
You could be a lick for free
Salute to any nigga that ever hit a lick with me
Yeah we grew up finessing
Kicking doors and card cracking
Catch a opp nigga lacking
I'm like oooohhh I got action (GRawwww)


[Verse 2: Lil Herb]
I hit licks
Finesse a dope man for six bricks
Finesse a smoke man for six zips
Finesse yo ho make her lick dick
Cause I'm rich bitch
In that foreign drop smoking 2 Chainz
Got my eyes low like I'm Liu Kang
Pocket full of hundreds from a new stain
I'm so used to stunting, that's my new thing
Just brought me a bitch with a baby by a trap nigga
She don't know I wanna take them duoquets I'm a rap nigga
I'm a tie him up when I know he got the racks with him
If he act up I don't wait to let the Macs hit em
Plug finna slide on me, know he got them packs with em
Wanna take him now trying to see what I'm a do
Last lick went bad this can't be a number 2
Run up on em no mask fuck it what I got to lose
Money or the fame either one I gotta choose
Ball hard with the squad. get money, fuck fame.
Still do the same stuff. stand down, flame Up
Pull up in a new range, now your whole bus ganged
I'll never change up, I'm a gang banger
Ride through the A block, then your life in danger
Posted on the east side smoking on Jamaica
You can keep the 31 I don't do the pacers