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Artist: Killarmy
Album:  One Shot (Single)
Song:   One Shot
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Chorus: Islord, Dom Pachino]
One shot, come on
Two shots, let's go
Three shots to a nigga dome piece
Four shots, come on
Five shots, let's go
Six shots to his motherfucking man on the right
One shot, come on
Seven shots, let's go
Eight shots, nine, ten shots to his man on his left hand side
Killarm! Killarm! Come on!

[9th Prince]
Grenade arsonists, rhyme archeologists
Killarm' armed with bombs, creeping, alchemists
Black Elvis moving through the urban
P.L.O. Style, big head niggaz wrapped in turbins
Terror band clan, guns from Pakistans
Rubber bands on my hands, war suits and muddy boots
Bulletproof parachutes, give the killer orders to all my troops
Lock and unload, rap pharmaceutical, the only drug I sold

[Beretta 9]
My last eight bars got me locked behind bars
Nizzle, not one single tattoo or raw scars
Rhyme single like Bond, you expendable like pawns
It's the return of Killarm', red dawn
Militant-type flow, this is what it's gon' be
I'ma give it one go, I'ma slay this beat
Make the crowd say "ho!", yeah, and I'll be getting it
Sho, 9th, Dom P and Is, 4th kicking it

[ShoGun Assason]
Who that on that that spit that, nasty like vomit on tracks
Yeah, we back so bag back and mind ya bee's wax
We needs that like fiends need crack
And stick-up kids be out and attacks
Bubble like Air Max, lyrics give dudes toe tags
Married to the music I'm the best she ever had
Black bags like Glad, a Hefty six sack
I'm gone but I be's where I'm at, I'm off the map

[Dom Pachino]
You hear the stomp in the beat?
Or you're listening to the park when I speak
And freak, the ill lyrical technique
So chic, my rapid fire blow a hole through ya mink
My chisel arm tatted it, this is New York ink
A hundred on the wrist, fifty in the air
Flowing so crisp, got it ringing in ya ear
Yeah, and my army right here
Haven't heard us but we ain't go nowhere
Universal warfare for the new year
We Audi five-thou, had to shift it to a new gear
Y'all thought Fear, Love & War was our final frontier
But psyche, more warfare right here

[Hook: Dom Pachino, Islord]
One shot, come on, two shots
Eight shots, nine shots, ten shots for his man on the left hand side

Don't want war, we'll give you war
We all go the hearts to step to the front door
To ring ya bell, kid, to pass you the shell
You want war? We'll give you hell
Cuz I be blazing hot like Arabian
Mouth stay on fire, son kid like it's Cajan
Every world I'll spit I'll burn down niggaz and their cliques
Cuz I'm the arsonists slash Thief of Baghdad
You fuck around, get ya body dragged to the basement
With ya Arm-Leg-Leg-Arm-Head over there
For violating my square

[Chorus with variations]