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Artist: Frost f/ Scoop DeVille
Album:  Welcome to Frost Angeles
Song:   My Reincarnation
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Scoop DeVille, you a monster

[Demon Frost]
Our Father
Who art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come, thy Will be done
On earth as it is in heaven
As I sit here in this hospital bed
I wonder if I'm on my way to heaven or hell
I think about my
My reincarnation

Chorus: Scoop DeVille
This right here is dedicated
To the ones G'ed up, tatooed and braided
This an anthem, a gangsta
To welcome my reincarnation, I'm back, bitch
With the mack, bitch
Quick to clap shit
Upon any motherfucker with banana claps
So bow down, bitch, you know my name
It's been a while now, finally back in the rap game

(Verse 1)
Lay low
No one move til I say so
This a jack move, haters better step slow
It's about time, they let in years ago
Still hatin' cause I'm all about my federal
Let it go, brown back, ese general
The Frost man, better go and get your (???) code
I'm hardcore with a vengeance now
The Godfather and I'm hittin' with the Platinum Child
He got beats that'll bang for miles
We do it for the kids who live life wild
But dawg, I'm old school
So if I gotta pull
The switches off the (???), whip your ass, what I'm gonna do
Got rules, we make 'em and break 'em
If the cops on that ass, we believe, we'll shake 'em
The same dudes, y'all just replay 'em
But as long as I collect my income
I'm still one

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
You see
The truth is, you wanna know who Bad Boy and Scoop is
You don't wanna know Virgin or Ruthless
You wanna know about the bread and the blue kicks
I show you how to do this gangsterist music
Morenas like Venezuela
Los Angeles, Frost, it's the panic player
I been down since the KDAY days
You don't wanna hear a shit about the ese's braids
It's the cholo, see the L.A. gangs
Crack pots and two cages in AIDS
A.K.'s, K.J.'s and Daytons
Man, there's so much hell up in Vegas
Texas, Florida, Brooklyn
And Asia
Aztecs, Mexicans, raza
It's major
What would L.A. be, without us
It's the rap, boss resurrection, big Frost

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
For ages
I rock dice and bricks
And life is easy as ever
Right with the righteous chicks
That's pa mi raza
The brown skin, minorities
To be global, makin' the whole world adore me
Don't let me start some shit and rumble you, puss
You the position of a puppet like George W. Bush
I'm so
Lovin' the kush
The bomb sack of weed
The bomb crack, so
Double the books
Until my life was threated
I died three times
In one night, I went from hell to heaven
Resurrected out the motherfuckin' hospital
I dropped Kid, now you rappers wanna drop little
I bless the world with my "La Raza" song
The anthem, my soul, no se cansa, holmes
So don't ask if I lost it, bitch
I froze myself, motherfucker, since I dropped the Kid

Repeat Chorus

[Demon Frost]
The reincarnation
Frost is back
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Pull out the cuete
Then I bust
The reincarnation
I'm back, bitch