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Artist: (Frost f/) Scoop DeVille
Album:  Welcome to Frost Angeles
Song:   It's Tha Kid
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[Scoop DeVille]
I need you to feel this one right now
It go

(Verse 1)
Now it's the kid with the click-clack
That bomb raps
That known to make hit tracks
Rewind that
Cause this shit got that play back
On the map
Ask D.O.C., it still like this, like that
And like this, and uh
I'm a full blown bread winner
I marinate that hoe
Then I dig up in her
Ass, (???) a Natural Born Killer
And I came to kill the game, you suckers that stack figures
A gold digger
Known as a cold trilla
Ain't nobody wanna step, cause you know I'll rip ya
Who got the keys of that reifer
Straight out my beamer, call me a street sweeper
Street dreamer
Holdin' the chrome heater
To your dome
The blast like Carli' teach ya
They say you're killers, but they dyin' to meet ya
You cats ain't shit, so I say back at ya like

Chorus: Scoop DeVille
We come in peace and mean no harm
We ready to rock the microphone
Take name, spit flame across the globe
The eses, and we came right back for more
Go on, girl, get ya ass into it, and shake it
And give that ass a movement
Go on, girl, get that ass into it, and shake it
And give that ass a movement

(Verse 2)
Now it's the kid, can you top that
I Lean Back
Like Joe Crack, the don's back
In the hood
With kids that (???) dope sacks
And ride Cadillacs
Jumped in the (???), then hopped out the Maybach
Where the hills at
I need about
Four or five of the hoes, (???) for me to the club, jack
Got the mack can
I smack it up
Flip it, rub it bad, til you can really side stand it
But keep it cool like that
Cause I'm a G, I got rules to this game I rap
And Frost be, G'd up from the feet up, kid
Got money, got mamis, got flows, in fact
I got boats, got yatchs and whips, 
Caviar dreams and stinkin' script delicates
Man, I'm livin' the life, and I ain't sellin' it
Had no electricity and stayed with the candles lit

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
Now it's the kid, put the bus back
On any sucker
Emcee, ready to diss that
Whether it's me
Or pops, I will attack cats
With no questions
Asked, so better face facts
And any rapper who
Tryin' to make a comeback
Can go back
And stay up out of the business
You got that
Cause the, Frost is back, jack
And the rest of the
Class, can lick an ass crack
Cause we got that

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Scoop DeVille]