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Artist: (Frost f/) Weets
Album:  Welcome to Frost Angeles
Song:   Have it All *
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* hidden bonus track on "My Reincarnation," following an intermission

Yeah, ha
You know, it's like I always told you, homie
Life's sweetest revenge
Is success

Chorus: Weets
Anything you want
You can have it
Go and get it
Make sure that you really want it
Anything you want
You can have it all
Anything in life
If you want it
You can get it
Go straight to the top
So don't forget it
Anything you want
You can have it all

(Verse 1)
Blame it on my homies, I'm a G
I was a player
Til the day I die
Them hoochies sayin', "My, my"
They lookin' for me 9-to-5
But I just keep passin' by
Rollin' in a
Six-five Chevy straight stop
Three 27"s show block, for the road, the streets
I give it up for the oldest G
And what would you do just to roll with me
I'm not tryin' to live this savage shit
I'm tryin' to live it, lavish, trick
And on to scheme the baddest bitch
Anything you want
You can have it all
Buyin' acres of land
Trip to Japan
Beach front houses with ya feet in the sand
Go to party
All night, with a drink in my hand
But a thing I just can't stand
I woke up in the hood again

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
Down in Rosarita, Mexico, I had a show
A bottle of booze, two dames at the mo
After that, what do you know
Federalis at the door
Grab the bottle and hop, skip
Jumped out the window
Flyin' as the wind blow
And landed in the limo
Got me caught up in a limbo
For a nympho
It's just that simple
Raise up with ya seven dollar dimple
Baby, if you fine as wine, with a J. Lo behind
You better wait in line
My money is my time, even if ya eyes shine
You can't get in my mind
Girl, I'm one of a kind, hardest to find
Addicted to rhymes
Forgot about crime
Now, I'm doin' my thang, playin' no games
Dodgin' the fame
Yeah, what's my name

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Frost]
Another classic tale of them rags to riches
To chasin' bitches in Hummers or low-lows with hy-hydrolics
Riches, Cartier, Gucci, Louie Vitton
Worldwide paper chase, player, get ya money on
It's all about the get-ready
Stack fedi'
Big cheddar
Whenever me and big Weets, get together
It's a conglomerate, (???) heat
Witness these financial advisors
All day up on Wall Street
(???) a day
Just to keep us out of jail
Hundred thousand in Brazil, man, we gotta make bail
Cause we caught up in that stack cash, fast way in life
Dodgin' Dantana and his homie Barney Phife
On everything I love, is marble floors, pushin' rugs
Champagne, bubbly, everything lovely
Ball to ya baller don't do it at all
Like the homie big Weets said
"I want it all"

Repeat Chorus Twice

Anything you want
You can have it
Anything in life
You can get it