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Artist: Frost f/ Bad Boy, Scoop DeVille
Album:  Welcome to Frost Angels
Song:   Cannot Fuck With These Gangstas
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[Bad Boy] Me and muh'fucker just flew in from the doomville Sinatra
          My baggage got lost
          Frost got a ticket, and uh, my turn to shoot on my ones
          Oh no
          Now I'm sittin' here arguin' with Scoop
          Bout what kind of brands we should wear
          To the motherfuckin'-
          We recordin'?
[Scoop]   Yeah, man
[Bad Boy] Hold on
[Scoop]   Yeah

[Verse 1: Bad Boy (Scoop DeVille in background)]
You see, I rock beats like coke, crack
Hope the dope's back (Yeah)
And no crack, the pinks ran the place, took the whole sack
But hold that
You bitchmade, I put the whole payday
Which ridin' with Scoop D-vizzle through East L.A.
The eses (Yeah, ey, ey)
These tees, they heat them cannons
You see the truth is before Frost, reachin' valleys
I reach ya, faggots
I spit flame to kick, made
Some big change, I'm livin' rap tricks, til six grade
I pimp hoes since my Ph.D days
I rock, bitch, off some E-A-C quakes
And boom
My tombstone should read these words
You see, my life should define what my CD's worth
My B.G. words
Are some like an easy verse (Choly brizzown)
Known some faggots on this beastly churps
But bet I'm fly
I'm blowin' everyday I write
We can flow, blow for blow, we could straight up fight (WHOOP! WHOOP!)
You punk bitch
You broke, you can hate all night
With ya swamp meet throwback and your K-Mart Nikes
So quit rappin'
This time, I'm a do you bitches (Yeah)
And put a wrap to this music business
You bitches

Hook: Bad Boy
Cannot fuck with these gangstas
Cannot fuck with these gangstas
Cannot fuck with these gangstas
Cannot fuck with these gangstas

[Verse 2: Scoop DeVille]
Now you can give it to the G's, you can give it to the hustlers
The street credibility is back for you, suckers
Not from N.Y., so I ain't about the raucous
We robble that shades, Cortez and chukus
But that's ol' cholo funk
We the dudes in them Air Force Ones
In the brim like Reverend Run
They got braids when we out in the sun
Like an Aztec, tomahawk, throwin' 'em chumps
You a bitch in ya hills and pumps
And we got pumps
With the ones that go DUMP DUMP DUMP
With the mack, in the back, of the 'Llac, what up
We modern day eses that go rough shit up
And you bald headed so-called gangstas, you Nazis
I'm a pop thee like the paparazzi
Lookin' like a skinheaded dog that's honky
There's nothin' you can do to stop me, I'm sorry
We spit for the soldiers in this here army
You can't knock the Frost, Bad Boy and Charlie
Like Lieutenant
Man, Vietnam can't stop me
And I vowin' no lays with my G's and colleagues, what

Repeat Hook

[Verse 3: Frost]
It's official
The game ain't the same to me
And that's an issue
Try to feel the pain
And the thangs that I been through
You can't knock the hustle
Them eses'll get you
Frost got the mack
DeVille, keep them eagles
Bad Boy
Actin' a fool with our missiles
In here, muh'fucker
And my clique got a pistol
Shoot to kill on
Anyone that Frost dizzle
Face the fact
That I'm back
Once again, made (???) was over
Dawg, it's still for La Raza, the game is over
All you wack cats that just dirt on my shoulder
The ese general, salute me, sucker
You know the game need us, we on the come up
Them eses, we about to blow up
Don't get mad if I still do it
Cause if fowl owl
Steal raps, then I'm a keep spittin' that fluid
And you

Repeat Hook