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Artist: Frost f/ Bullet Nasty, Fingazz, Mr. Sancho
Album:  Till the Wheels Fall Off
Song:   Take a Ride (Let Me Hear Ya)
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway

Chorus: Fingazz
Take a ride, roll with me
Feelin' good sittin' on thirteens on a Chevy
If you got hydros, hit a switch, now
Make it hop, yeah, we livin' hood rich now
You a fine little mami, let me hear ya
And when you see me rollin' by, let me hear ya
And if you wanna take a ride, let me hear ya
Hop inside cause I wanna get near ya

[Verse 1: Frost]
Q'vo baby doll, it's the Nieve
Bumpin' them oldies as I'm rollin' in my six-trey Chevy
And I got the gangsta lean when I steps into the scene
Only the true homeboys know, exactly what I mean
Now, when you see a fine Chicana and you want her
So that you could take her to the boulevard and flaunt her
Show all the homeys that you pullin' all the ladies
Enough to make the jealous knuckleheads go crazy
Cause they can never play the way I play when I'm playin'
And they can never say the words I say when I say 'em
Your sexy fine (???) with your skin as smooth as silk
Your color's like the scoops of Nestles Quik stirred up into chocolate milk
You're fine, so divine
And I'd like to take you home and spend some time
Cause you're the finest girl that I ever saw
It's me, Frost, baby (That's right)
Q'vo baby doll, it's the Nieve

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Mr. Sancho]
It's every night
The strip is packed, cruisin' in my Cadillac
In pursuit of this mami in a hatch back
Stopped at the red light and looked over
Name Sancho, and I wanna get to know ya
Come and follow me, baby, down to the parking lot
Lookin' like a car show, displayin' all the drops
Smilin' Frost steady, postin' while them low-low's hop
And little mami walkin' up, she lookin' so-so hot (Uh)
What's your name, what's your type, do you got a man
Doesn't really matter, baby, cause I'm Mr. One-Night-Stand
You got me fiendin' for your body with the thick hips
Thick lips, got me wonderin' about them tongue tricks
Then shake the spot, so we can drop, the top
Come on, baby, grab the switch and make that ass drop (Uh)
Then shake the spot, so I can drop, ya top
Come on, baby, grab my switch and I'll make that ass drop (Uh)

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Bullet Nasty]
I see this pretty girl starin', she's so fine
Come and walk with me, baby, she's so fly
You lookin' mighty sexy when you walk in those jeans
You know you get me all excited if you know what I mean
Oh my, she's so fine, I gotta make her mine
Take her to a place where we could see the moonlight
We can touch, and baby do it all night
Don't worry about a thing, baby girl, it's gon' be all right
I love the way you be hugging me, girl
The thought of you with someone else will crush my world
But look at me, baby, what I'm saying is true
Nobody in this world could ever, amount to you

Repeat Chorus

Take a ride
Roll with me
Take a ride
Roll with me
Take a ride
Roll with me
Take a ride
Roll with me