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Artist: Frost f/ Mr. Sancho
Album:  Till the Wheels Fall Off
Song:   If You Leave Me
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway


(Verse 1)
It's a trip, ma
See how me and you were grown apart
When you had such a big piece of my heart
I never thought, that I will see the day
That we would break up
And go our separate ways
Sometimes, I reminisce about the good times we had together
Believed you when you told me, that it would last forever
Until you flew away like, birds of a feather
Since then, I been walking a stormy weather
So many times, I wanted to write a letter to you
But I just didn't know where to send it to
I used to, be at home, all alone, sittin' by the phone
But it never rang
You tripped me out, you choosed to doing your own thang

Chorus: Mr. Sancho
If you leave me, baby
Girl, I swear you
Break my heart in two
Baby, please just
Give me (Just)
One more chance to
Prove my love to you

(Verse 2)
I still remember, the way that you smile
And the way that you dressed with so much style
And how we had plans to walk down the aisle
It seems like only yesterday, but I know it's been a while
It's true
You don't know what you have til it's gone
Now I'm here all by myself, and my night's long
So listen a couple times to the words of the song
Thought I had my game time
But boy, was I wrong
I should have been a gentleman instead of comin' on strong
Cause right here with me is where you belong
So I'm a call Art Laboe, tell him to put it on
Cause if you hear it, baby girl, you just might come back home

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
I was sittin' here, kicking back, watchin' The Sopranos
Working on the song, playin' keys on the piano
I heard the doorbell ring, and to my surprise
I could tell that you miss me by the look in your eyes
I could tell that it was me that you were thinking of
We walk into the bedroom to make sweet love
Didn't come out, until the very next day
Said you never leave and you was here to stay
Two months later, we got a baby on the way
Now I gotta get my hustle on, all work, no play
You keep me happy like a bright summer day
And you know that I can't have it
Any other way (All right)

Repeat Chorus