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Artist: Frost f/ Big Capone, Fingazz, Scoop DeVille
Album:  Till the Wheels Fall Off
Song:   Goin' Down
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway

[Scoop DeVille]
Let's go...
LPG, Big Capone...
Big Scoop...
It's goin' down tonigh...

[Fingazz] It's going down
          Tonight, with me, all night
[Capone]  Drink a little bit, smoke a little bit
          All the ladies in the place, shake a little bit
[Fingazz] It's going down
          Tonight, with me, all night
[Capone]  Drink a little bit, smoke a little bit
          All the ladies in the place, shake a little bit

[Scoop DeVille]
Let's go
Oh, yeah

[Verse 1: Frost (Scoop DeVille)]
Party right here, it's goin' down tonight (Uh hun)
Let 'em all on in, man, I'm high as a kite (Yeah)
Stay lifted like a high six-four (Let's go)
Left for a minute, now I'm back for more (Back for more)
Come on, let's party, girl, drink that up (Uh hun)
So I could pour some more inside ya cup (Inside ya cup)
Ain't nobody leavin' til we all fucked up (Uh hun)
You know I do it big, girl, you know what's up (Yeah)
And now that I met you, what's up with your friend
Cause I heard it through the masses and the older man (Okay, hah)
Can I catch a peak at least once or twice
I would love to put that thing on ice
So I walked over to her, start spittin' some drag (Yeah)
Like "Oooh, baby girl, you look so nice"

[Scoop DeVille]
Oooh, baby, you look so nice...
Ha, yeah...
It's goin' down...
Let's go...

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Big Capone {Scoop DeVille}]
Listen up, what you need, cause I got it all, ma {Okay}
Don't act surprised, I know, you see me on the block {Yeah}
I'm deep in the club, but ain't lookin' for the love
When I'm tryin' to find out if I can grab and rub
You know, you know, who I am, know my style (Know my style)
Big Capone be the G that'll play around (Yeah) {Ha}
Give you southside love like you never had
And put your face in the pillow cause you gon' get grabbed {Come on}
And you can smoke before
Make you smoke it after {Uh hun}
You need more than a little bit, raise that ass up
We're both high, leaning back in the club
It's going down tonight, and even clubs on dubs

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Scoop DeVille]
I'm rollin' around town, got hoes all around
With a pocket full of dough, bitch, I'm the young crown prince
Hit the club, everybody on my necklace (Okay)
The pinky rangs and chains will leave you breathless
Got a bad bitch, she a dame piece (Uh, yep)
And at the end of the night, she'll be in my sheets
In the V.I.P. where you can find me
Chillin' in the cut with Frost right behind me
Ain't nothin' changed, Profits and white tees
The color of my car match the Nikes

[Scoop DeVille]
Come on now, y'all...
Let's do it, oh...

Repeat Chorus

[Scoop DeVille]
We make the girls go...
Okay, we make the girls go...
LPG, we make the girls go...
Yeah, Kid Frost...
Make the girls go...