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Artist: Frost f/ Fingazz, OG Playboy, Royal T
Album:  Till the Wheels Fall Off
Song:   Eastside Rendezvous 2006
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway

Chorus: Fingazz
It's a late night rendezvous
Won't you tell me what it takes to get you in the mood
Baby girl, just roll with me
And I'm a take you back to the east side (East side)

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 1: Frost]
I just woke up, thank God it's Friday
Fire up the 'Llac and hit the highway
Pulled in the car wash, so they can hit them white wall tires
Sedan DeVille, sittin' on L.A. tires
And it's gotta be, eighty degrees
I got a check in my pocket for fifteen G's
Hit the first interstate, and now I'm straight
Stopped at the record store to pick me up an old school tape
Back in my ride, I see the spin of the tires
Kid Frost rollin', bumpin' Earth Wind & Fire
It feels good holdin' fifteen grand
So I parked the Sedan and I strolls into Greenspan
Give me a pair of your fifty thirty
Cascades, Cortez and a jet back, hoodie
Headed back home and got G'ed up, fool
It's an eastside rendezvous

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Verse 2: OG Playboy]
Another day, another rendezvous
And yes, a player know
What he gotta do to get this dame piece in the mood
I'm tryin' to whisper in your ear, baby, keep it cool
You hollin' back, get me, yeah, I wanna chief with you
You know I'm dippin' in the lowride
Frostalini got that bomb kush and player feelin' so high
We steady chillin', baby toastin'
Come chill with me and Royal T
We stay chiefin' right by the ocean
And yeah, I'm flowin' on a natural high
Cause when you come around me, I bet you touchin' the sky
Shorty, I guess that's why I'm stayin' so fly
Ignore them haters that be talkin' when they passin' you by, but still
I know you love on my success
But better when you hoppin' out the dress
Baby, you better than the rest
And ma, you know I dig your style
Cause God blessed you with a beautiful smile
Come on, let's rendezvous

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Verse 3: Royal T]
In the middle of the night, feeling good
Me and Frost, rendezvous-in' through the neighborhood
Eastside LPG, lay back, girls
Head on my lap
Got it like that
High rider to a lowrider
The cops don't bother an O.G. rider
Hit switches, rollin' up the block
Nother boo mix, pour me at a shot
Lovin' life as she's kissing on my manhood
Girl got skills and she damn good
Keep it gangsta, .44 in the holster
I approached her, with a G lean while I posted up
Locs up as she smiled at my style
So wild, still bow down, to the T
Who it be, Royal T
Take her on a late night rendezvous
With a G

Repeat Chorus Twice