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Artist: Frost f/ Fingazz, Scoop DeVille
Album:  Till the Wheels Fall Off
Song:   City of Angels
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway

City of angels
City of angels
City of angels
City of angels

[Verse 1: Frost]
Let's go back in time of Hush Puppies and Dickies
Biscailuz and Benz, Cascades and Panotins
Nah, I'm just playin', you know what I'm sayin'
It's that O.G. life style that I love, 'bout L.A.
And one love to la raza that be keepin' hoods hoppin'
We way too deep, and there's no way that you could stop us
Los Angeles, the best city in the world
And one love, to the homeboys and home girls
It wouldn't be L.A. without Mexicans
And the brown pride sets like 2Pac said
I be the first to admit it, dawg, I wasn't even on it
It would last us long, but see, la raza still grown
Big Frost, still floss, still doin' them show
Still hoppin' up and down in and out of low-low's
And I ain't tryin' to brag, I just statin' the fact
That Los Angeles, homeboy, is where it's at

Chorus: Fingazz
Living in Los Angeles
There's no place in the world like this
Living in Los Angeles
There's no place that I'd rather be
Than the city of angels

[Scoop DeVille (Fingazz in background)]
Uh, uh, okay (City of angels)
Fingazz, yeah
Pops, where you at
Let's make it

[Verse 2: Scoop DeVille]
Show respect, you rockin' with L.A.'s best
I'm a soldier, that's why I hang around with vets
I can see the ocean, from the top of the crest
Palm trees never leave when you roll in the west
Up in Melrose, lookin' for the booty and breast
They wanna chill with DeVille cause they never regret
And never forget, of the money, it's like any expense
Now within I whip cars, but we flyin' jets
Thought you knew, the wind roll, me and my crew
Rock a show around ten at the House Of Blues
Ain't nothin' changed but the chain with a couple of jewels
Still doin' no moves every time like a groove
From the caps to the shoes, I win, you lose
Ain't nothin' to a boss, that's just how I do
You really know how far back L.A. goes
When it used to be Mexico
Yeah (Oh, oh)

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
I'm true Dodger blue with my L.A. cap
West coast on the left side of the map
East Los where you first heard me rap
On that "More Bounce" track by the homeboy Zapp
I wave the Mexican flag for the world to see
And made a vow to be the number one Chicano emcee
That's why nobody does it quite like us
From the big bad city of Los Angeles

[Scoop DeVille]
Now all my G's get money, money
Make money, money
Yeah, girl, I see you, shake somethin' for me
I like that, mami, you must really love me
If you'se a gold digger, you ain't get nothin' from me
Cause I learned from the best, so I ain't a dummy
And I stay in the city where it's always sunny
In the land, they got milk and honey
I be a millionaire before I'm twenty
Because I'm

Repeat Chorus

City of angels
City of angels
City of angels