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Artist: Frost
Album:  Still Up in This Shit
Song:   Para Mi Abuelita
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During the making of this cd
I lost a few loved ones
And one of my family members that was very dear to me
Was my abuelita Amilia

I'll remember you forever
There will never be another one like you, no never
As I think about your smile and reminice for a while
You taught me so many things when I was a young child
I remember growing up when things would get tough
You would do anything to come cheer me up
We would talk, hold hands at the beach in the sand
Those are the memories I have as an older man
You and all your beautiful flowers in the backyard for hours
And my grandpa with a cigar building a bike
For any kid who didn't have a new one to ride
He loved my grandma and he devoted his life
To the lady he loved his beautiful wife, my abuelita
I will love you abuelita I promise forever
And I can't wait for the day to see you and grandpa together
And should a rainy day come I won't give it a chance
Because I know it's you in heaven watering all the precious flowers and plants

In loving memory of my abuelita Amilia
Smiling down on us like a beautiful angel