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Artist: Kid Frost
Album:  Terminator 12" / West Coast Rap: The First Dynasty
Song:   Terminator
Typed by: Matt Jost

(Kid Frost, the MC Terminator)

Ah-Kid-Kid Frost, and I'm back again
Cool shock-rock-rockin from beginning to end
I'm the ladies entertainer, the power generator
And in the place to be you won't find one greater
I'm the MC Terminator, the battle gladiator
You're gonna have to run into me sooner or later
And I will be there when you least expect
I will get you, treat you with no respect
Cause I'm the hard rock of the block
Takin you straight to the top
On rhyme, on time
Guaranteed to blow your mind
Party motivator, beat exterminator
To search and destroy all you MC perpetrators
Number one prize fighter
The stranger-in-the-nighter
Considered by most as the top rhyme writer
This is my occupation, I'm in charge of operation
With a little preparation and determination
I reach my destination, I'm all across the nation
Kid Frost, your fresh new rap sensation

Now my man behind the beat is the Alien Wizard
And I'm Kid Frost, baby, cold as a blizzard
Send a chill up your spine cause I'm a fresh cool breeze
I always got a rhyme trick up my sleeve
Cause I'm the sure-shot on the spot
Givin you all that I got
On the go, when me show, here to rock your stereo
To sucker MC's, you just better jump back
And you better be prepared for my verbal word attack
See I tried to warn you once, you did not learn
You played with fire, now you got burned
You shoulda kept your mouth shut, shouldn'ta tried to rap
Cause you came up short, you fell into my trap
Now you've been awakened, your title's been taken
Thought that you could get it, but you were mistaken
And this could also happen to you
If you ever want a problem, diss me and my crew

You're the spectator, I'm the demonstrator
And when it comes to trouble, I'm the instigator
I'm the Latin spice, always precise
If you wanna battle me, boy, you better think twice
Cause I'm a ruthless rhyme maker, I'm the rock beat shaker
Take complete control cause I'm the MC undertaker
Yes the powerful source known as the force
Sucker MC's you must be prepared for the loss
To make a long story short, emceein's my sport
And like Doctor J I'm controllin the court
So to all the world, be it friend or adversary
You really must admit that my rhymes are legendary
The word devastator, beat manipulator
Almighty Kid Frost, the MC Terminator

Now I approach the end with accurate precision
To let you know that I'm the master microphone technician
There ain't any measure, and only for your pleasure
That's why I'm the one that the ladies all treasure
We come into a party, we give no slack
Yeah, me and the Wizard will be back