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Artist: Frost f/ Diamonique, Lil' Rob, Scoop DeVille
Album:  Diamonique - Coup D'Etat: The Takeover Mixtape
Song:   La Raza 2006 (Still 4 The Raza) (Remix)
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"This is for the raza" --> Kid Frost

It's the year 2006 and it's still for the raza
The mixtape
Street Lighters

(Verse 1)
[Scoop DeVille]
There, stop
As soon as the bass hits the EQ
This bigger sequel, for all my people
Put it all together and you know what that equals
From I.E. to East Los, now let the beat go
It's west coast, back with the pesos
We 'bout to take it worldwide, homie, let's go
Overseas, I'm writing clean in my 6-4
Puerto Ricans always show love in the east coast
The legacy lives on throughout the heroes
Big Pun
Kid Frost with the prequel
Fingazz told me that this year, we stackin' C-notes
Not to be the best, but to do it, so that you know

Q'vo, it's the Queen Of The West
Two braids in my hair, tattoos and a vest
Truvo is what you gon' be
If you step to this brown bitch, who wanna test
The whole raza, we warn the next
Generation, I'm down with the Homeless Nation
Son of a O.G., Scoop DeVille
Mexican flag wave and out the new SeVille

(Fingazz scratching in background)
[Diamonique] We do it
[Fingazz]    "For the raza" --> Kid Frost
[Diamonique] We still do it
[Fingazz]    "For the raza"
[Diamonique] We get down ("For the raza")
             For the brown ("For the raza")
             For the brown ("For the raza")
             We do it
[Fingazz]    "For the raza"
[Diamonique] We still do it
[Fingazz]    "For the raza"
[Diamonique] We get down ("For the raza")
             For the brown ("For the raza")
             For the brown ("For the raza")
[Fingazz]    "For the-"

(Verse 2)
[Lil' Rob]
It's the man with the chivo
Need no introduction, you know who you bumpin'
Out on the calle, scrapin' somethin'
Lowride like backyard parties, holmes, I keep 'em jumpin'
Mismo, though ain't no big thing, ese
I'm standing on the line
Right in the frente
Still putting it down for the gente
Still dangerous, Don Presidente and a cuete
Somebody pass the botella
And I got the yerba
Deste quellas
Khakis down with the cuff and the crease
And rather die on my feet than live on my knees

This for the calles, for the cholas
Bumpin' rolas, in the low-low, gettin' so blown
City of tequila, chicas bonitas
Pan dulce bread
Grandma's tortillas
Respect mi gente, holle, cheque
I'm the one who they call Queen Of The Oeste
Mi familia still with lots of eses
Baldheads, tattoos and lots of cuetes
So watch you wanna do?
Beef with the brown
We ain't going no where
We stickin' around
Help build this nation, you can't replace it
Raza's here, bitch, fuck immigration

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Frost]
Q'vo loco, guess who's back in the casa
2006 and it's still for the raza
You ain't chavalas, no, you can't say nada
I'm a O.G. in the game, get all up in your cara
Y para
Kid Frost, homie, East Los
You know the vato, doin' it low-low
Monte Charlions with shots of Patron
And we still down to party, we ain't calling a song
Who's the first to tell you, "Keep it brown and proud?"
It was me, the O.G., Chicano emcee
Scoop DeVille, Diamonique and Lil' Rob
On a down Chicano track and we ready to mob
So keep trucha
And keep your cuetes full of vallas
When we creep, to your city, young, this is for the raza

Repeat Chorus

For the raza
Lil' Rob, Kid Frost
Scoop DeVille
Betcha didn't think I was gonna come like this, hun
Jura time, bitch
{*singing to beat*}