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Artist: Frost 
Album:  When Hell.A. Freezes Over 
Song:   You're a Big Girl Now 
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**Frost talking** 
what's up girl 
i aint seen you in a while 
you looking good 

Sexy lady 
{I know you want me} 
{I know you need me} 
Sexy lady 
{do you really want me, do you really need me} 

[Verse One]
Can you remember when I told you that you rock my world 
but you was young and you was daddy's little diamond girl 
I can't forget the day when you was posted up at school 
With your home girls and I was scooping up my crew 
You was only seventeen and I felt a fool 
Cuz seventeen could get a homie twenty-two 
That couldn't stop me from having fantasy 
and made me wounder, we could sail the seven seas 
and I was fiending fo ya, I was dreaming fo ya 
but then I heard the news you was leaving California 
On the way to college for an education 
and I was happy for you, gave you my congratulations 
Situation under mind, we said good bye 
You was the only girl to ever make me cry 
Yo, if I send a dozen roses they would probably die 
From all the tear drops and I can't even lie 

[Chorus 2X]
Your a good girl now 
Your were daddy's little girl {yes I'm ready} 
Can I hold you {yes I'm ready} 
Your a good girl now 
You were daddy's little girl {yes I'm ready} 
Wrap your arms around me {yes I'm ready} 

[Verse Two]
They was telling me you doing good and working hard 
but as for me steady huslin on the boulevard 
Sometimes I catch my self In a memory bliss 
Just thinking about you and the way you blew your kiss 
With your big brown eyes and them candy lips 
They way you did your hair running down your hips 
but you was raised with them good old fashion ways 
and never gave a damn if I was getting paid 
You made your own life and you were doing right 
Look at all the negativity you had to fight 
and that's the type of women any man will get on his knees 
Burning beggin please I loved it when you teased me 
but I was raised on streets and I'm makin moves 
Even thought you knew the things I do you disaproved of 
I hope you doing well, it's kinda hard to tell 
Every single day you got me checking on my mail 

[Chorus 2X]

[Frost talking]
yea what's up girl 
I heard you was coming home soon 
I hope it's true 
yea we got a lot to talk about 
and I can't wait to see you 
call me 

You said you ready baby {I'm ready} 
You said you want me girl {I want you} 
You said you need me {I really really need you} 
I'll make you feel right 

[Verse Three]
Since you been away I'm praying for a better way 
and I've been searching for it every single day now 
Hoping for a second chance maybe another dance 
Used to be a player now I'm fiending for a romance 
I must apologize to you in my heart and soul 
I gotta say it's been a thrill for me to watch you grow 
I know you ready fo the, I think I'm ready fo the 
Let's get together baby and I'm show you 

[Chorus till fade]