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Artist: Frost f/ Big Tank, Omar Cruz
Album:  All Oldies
Song:   Yeah We Do It (Heartaches)
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway

[Scoop DeVille]
"Heartaches are made
That's how
Heartaches are made
That's how
Heartaches are"
"Are, heart, are-are, heart"
"Are, heart, are-are, heartaches"
"Heart, are-are, heart"
"Are-are, heart, are-are-are, well" --> Baby Washington

[Verse 1: Frost]
Heartaches and pain, much I've overcame
Something's don't change, but I did my thang
I'm the mayor of the ghetto, involved with politics
Cash in the rank, and I'm making dividends
The Godfather, if it ain't business, then why bother
The Streets On Lock like I'm Hot Dollar
Yeah, I'm big, I'm the Don Dada
I'm the fellow that'll rock it like I'm Sean Carter
Split it up, back it up, that's product
Double up, triple up, that's proper
Shipments from overseas on boats
And when they you it's puro, that's dope
Frost, I see like Mikey the jeweler
It's legal when I open like I'm Rick Ruler
Put it on a triple beam, boy, that's weight
And make no mistake, so you can come without heartaches

Chorus: Omar Cruz
Doin' eighty-five
Burner on the waist line
We ride or die
Do it for the west side
We flyin' high, so them haters can't test mine
Every time we showin' up, they pullin' out the best wine
Yeah, we do it
Yeah, we do it
Yeah, we do it, we was born to do it
Yeah, we do this, daily on the grind
Twenty-four seven, three sixty-five

[Verse 2: Big Tank]
The chain goes clickity-clack, to my reaction
Take action and expose all these motherfuckin' faggots
Russian roulette, you scared, fuck a bullet
I came in the game, spit flames, let's do this
Priest like Judas, preach, I'm a beast
It's been proven, Beastie Boy, Rick Rubin
I get a price cut, call it wholesale
You know we move traffic, like Denzel
Cali got more colors than pastel
Cause I'm a winner, son, nah
I never fail
This is a job made, just fade away
And still I'm sittin' here, dealing with these heartaches

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Omar Cruz]
I'm from the streets of Los Angeles, homey, home of the brave
Where the wrong colors rave will have you up in a grave
They say only the real make it out of L.A.
But I'm still here, and the whole city sayin' my name
On my back like a P.O., shadier than a C.O.
Faggots talk shit, but they don't really wanna see O.
Them haters all writin' woof tickets
But in my face, they quiet, you only hear crickets
Same catch, runnin' off of the dick Lakers
Bangin' O. for a few, "Say O. Cruz, can I kick it" (Yeah)
Wild wild west, Tribe Called Quest
Snatch the mic from these bitches like Kanye West (Cruz)

Repeat Chorus