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Artist: Frost f/ Scoop DeVille
Album:  All Oldies
Song:   Ya Blind Boy
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway

(Verse 1)
It's hardly over, yet, I'm still in my fuckin' prime
Still with the fuckin' dame, the fuckin' world is mine
The first vato to do it, check my blueprint
Me and Tony G. been killin' 'em with this music
In L.A., I'm a classic like a Chevy
It's locked down, my name's too heavy
My frame tatted
A kush addict, it's O.G. gangsta Big Frost
The one and only remainder
I'm, fly as ever, look at my endeavors
I'm tryin' to take the game as high as ever
I'm a ride forever
And infinity, sending shells at my enemies
Until my casket drop, they'll, never get rid of me

{*instrumental break*}

(Verse 2)
I arose in the city of angels
Started with an empty safe, now I fill it with pesos
Pocket full of bank rolls, deck full of aces
I don't have a blemish, yet, just a scar on my face, bitch
I'm gettin' wasted, Tequila out the bottle
I'm a gangsta like all my role models
Ever since a kid on the run, infatuated with guns
Blowin' smoke out my lungs, now they say I'm the one
I feel like I just begun, I been reborn through my son
Now Scoop's on Snoop, you see, it runs in my blood, uh
It's elementary
The game was meant for me
And I just represent it to the fullest like it's meant to be

{*instrumental break*}

[Verse 3: Scoop DeVille]
Ridin' with the roof off, bitch, cause I'm super clean, super sport
Super mean, souped up Coup, yellow high beams
I been on the highway, all day, chasin' dreams
Show after show, hoe after hoe, promoters out of do-do's
Hop on the plane, go get some more
Pop's all gon' know how you do it, but I like how you roll
And I does it like you and Tony G. did in '94
Where you think I learned all about money, power and hoes
That sticky sour dro that you always loved to smoke
Now we gettin' high together with both of our next 'fros
You know how the story goes
Blow hotter than a stove
We in the family business, gettin' paper across the globe
Let's go, let's go, let's go