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Artist: Frost f/ Guzzle, Nino Brown
Album:  All Oldies
Song:   Wanna Get it On (Let's Get it On)
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway

Big Frost
Ha ha
The tribute
All Oldies
Marvin Gaye (Uh)

[Verse 1: Frost]
Welcome everybody, holmes, this is Southern Cali
Where the G's ride old school, Impala and Chevys
Love to hit the switches and fuck the baddest bitches
Got a couple pitbulls, so don't walk inside my fences
Oh, and did I mention
Baby, I'm a O.G.
It's Big Frost Da Don
Everybody should know me
I smoke twenty-threes of that O.G.
That's two blunts and three grams, that's a whole tree
Bumpin' Marvin Gaye in the system
Got me in the mood, so I'm comin' home to get ya
Put on your best dress, I'll be there in half an hour
Hit switches on your lawn, leanin' like the Eiffel Tower
So let go of your worries when I get you home
I just wanna make you moan
Let's Get It On

Chorus: Scoop Deville
"There's, nothing wrong, with me
Lovin' you"
"Baby, no, no"
"Let's get it on"
"Wanna get it on"
"Let's get it on"
"Wanna get it on" --> Marvin Gaye

[Verse 2: Guzzle]
Comin' from the land of the G's (G's)
Home of the D's (D's)
Land of the trees, that kush O.G.
No more O.E., no Ides, no cobra {*coughing*}
No way, homey, those days are over
Now I'm bubbly in the glass
Too much on the dash
No nine-to-five, just puff, puff, pass
COllect ca-ca-cash, get it fa-fa-fast
Deserve every penny, I'd a bust they ass
Now it's time to chill out
Kick back, grill out (Uh)
Let a bit of whatever we sippin', don't spill out
For the ones that ain't here, so raise your drink or your beer
Here's a toast to the good life, we here (Yeah)

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Nino Brown]
So what's your name, little mama, mi nombre es Nino, uh
Beezy, in the heezy, Stacey Adams estilo
Suavesito, love my diamonds
They icey frio
Look, I love the way they shinin'
They icey frio
My pinky-pinky ring alone is worth about a kilo
So what the feezy, little jale, with ya sexy appeal, ah
She bumpin' on your body
Ay Dios Mio
Menage a trois and we gon' party
So what's the drill
I got a (???) on a dub sac, or mega pills
You know the ones that got me singin' like
Blue-Blue-Blueberry Hill

Repeat Chorus

[Scoop Deville]
"Let's get it on"
"I love you baby"
"I love you baby" --> Marvin Gaye