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Artist: Frost f/ Annimean, Krazy Race, Young De/Demrick
Album:  All Oldies
Song:   Me And My Homies
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[Frost (Annimean)]
Yeah, Bobby, see I hear ya, dawg
Ha ha
Krazy Race (Annimean)

[Verse 1: Krazy Race]
We wanna bring it back for hip hop (Yeah)
Bumpin' out that boom box (Yeah)
Homeys, make ya head knock
Reppin' forth through street blocks (Uh hun)
Frost steady way back
O.G. is still doin' it
Reppin' for the people, for the culture, it's a movement (Let's go)
Remember "Rough Cuts," to "La Raza," all classic (All classic)
Now you add, Krazy Race, took the song, equals magic (Magic)
Tragic murder with the burner, killin' verse, the good earner
My name's out people's mouth, know what they talking about (Yeah)
We put it down for the O.G.'s
Lowriders bumpin' oldies (Come on)
The classic heir of hip hop
Where motherfuckers know me (That's right)
Could stack into the game, be how it's all in us
Krazy Race, Kid Frost, with that classic touch

Chorus: Young De
I'm tired of the fakes
The fronters and the phonies
You really got a prob', you gon' have to ride on me
But you gon' have to deal with me and my homeys (I said)
You gon' have to deal with me and my homeys

[Verse 2: Frost]
Bless these streets
And all my peeps
For the ones that's still here and the ones that were brief
It's a dirty filthy grind, this life of mine
Watch the way I grind while these cats decline
Like they bad credit
Pull your hood car, forget it
My price goin' up like your pumpin' unleaded, uh hun
I'm feeling like a million bucks
When you're on the west, where you got your jewelry touched
I'm the don, King Kong, pimpin' like Don Juan, be gone
I'm on, check my catalog
And I been there, done that
Flew there, flew back
Headline a couple world tours, now the Kid's back

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Annimean]
I don't really think you comprehend the truth in this first
See, this is homocide spit and the beat is a hearse
I'm on that 710 Interstate, hands on your dinner plate
.45 flick off, and make you all disintegrate
I'm like the next big thing, equivalent to an airplane
You got a tall frame, but our mind state ain't the same
Bank account ain't the same, motto mobiles and chains
All for the top of the brain, I'm better, you should stand down
No holds barred, rap game like the crack game
Take in these clienteles, the best product in town

Repeat Chorus Twice